The CSW Charitable Foundation continues to grow and, with it, annual awards are growing, too.

The fund presented almost $10,000 in grants in the fall disbursement. 

“This is the ninth distribution,” said Dr. Robert H. Wood, who established the fund in 2016 in honor of Dr. David Campbell, Roy Stone and himself. “It’s over $51,000 that we’ve given back to the schools.”

It is an endowment fund.

“We’ve grown from $5,000 each distribution to $6,700 in the winter of last year and $9,600 this year,” Wood said. 

The CSW Foundation works to fill the gaps in funding.

Kim Herring, student information systems administrator, said, “He [Wood] wants to help students, parents of students. He wants to help coaches.”

She had encouraged him to include funding to assist students taking dual enrollment classes in high school, which the fund supports.

“He has been so generous and continues to be,” Herring said. “Anything that anybody could contribute to this fund, it’s going to come back to you in some way.”

Wood encouraged individuals to donate to the fund.

“This fund should be here forever for our students and our kids,” Wood said.

Donations can be made through

Herring said all teachers and schools are encouraged to request funds from the Foundation. Funding requests for the fall 2019 distribution exceeded $33,000.

“It rolls around twice a year,” Herring said. “You’re amazed at the things people are able to do with this money.”

The following grants were presented:

•Brown Elementary after-school program, $500

•Crab Orchard Elementary science department, $300

•Crab Orchard Elementary Junior Beta Club, $300

•Homestead Elementary Band, $300

•Homestead Elementary Archery Club, $300

•Martin Elementary music program, $300

•Martin Elementary kindergarten class, $300

•North Cumberland Elementary Lights On After School, $300

•North Cumberland Elementary music program, $300

•Pine View Elementary schoolwide positive behavior, $200

•Pine View Elementary Junior Beta Club, $200

•Pleasant Hill Elementary Tammy Dixon’s fourth-grade class, $300

•Pleasant Hill Elementary boys basketball team, $300

•South Cumberland Elementary third grade, $260

•Stone Elementary Family and Friends Connection, $300

•Stone Elementary schoolwide positive behavior, $300

•Cumberland County High School cheerleaders, $300

•CCHS Lady Jets volleyball team, $300

•CCHS HOSA Club, $500

•CCHS Jet Theatrix, $250

•CCHS dual enrollment fund, $500

•CCHS French Club, $240

•Stone Memorial High School FCCLA, $500

•SMHS FBLA, $250

•SMHS History Club, $500

•SMHS science department, $500

•SMHS Beta Club, $500

•SMHS Chess Club, $200

•SMHS food pantry, $90

•Phoenix School schoolwide positive behavior, $300

•Phoenix School Student Council, $300

“It’s really hard to make these decisions,” Herring said of the foundation’s board. She is not a voting member of the board but does attend their meetings. “They try really hard to award the groups what they’re asking for or, at least, some portion of what they’re asking for.”

Heather Mullinix is editor of the Crossville Chronicle. She covers schools and education in Cumberland County. She may be reached at

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