A Crossville woman brought laughter to the courtroom recently when she admitted cutting tires on a vehicle of an acquaintance. What could she say? She was videotaped committing the crime that occurred on Old Lantana Rd. just weeks earlier.

Nekia Marie Watson, 28, pleaded guilty to vandalism and received an 11-month and 29-day suspended sentence with 30 days to serve at 75% and the balance on probation. Watson is banned from contact with the victim and is to pay $1,300 in restitution. 

Watson stood before Criminal Court Judge Wesley Bray and affirmed she understood the rights she was waiving to enter her guilty plea. It was a relatively fast turn around from being charged on April 4 and pleading guilty April 26.

When Bray asked Watson how she wished to plead, Watson replied, “They had me on video … I’m guilty.” She shrugged her shoulders and those in the courtroom chuckled at her retort.

Bray agreed with her it was a tough spot to be in, committing a crime while being taped.

The judge accepted her plea and Watson, who had 19 days credit for time already served, stepped aside for the next defendant.

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