A North Hills Lane resident returned home from a trip to Florida to find someone had been in his residence and had left a bicycle that was previously not his on back porch.

The man reported he went out of town on Friday, May 26, and returned Monday, May 29, and discovered, "things weren't the way he had left them," according to Crossville Police Lt. Brian Tilley's report.

The man said the blinds in his living room were open with one side raised and he had them closed when he left.

He also reported it appeared as if someone had taken a shower in the bathroom and there was "human waste in his toilet."

The man also reported he believed someone had gotten a glass of milk and then washed the cup they had used.

Tilley reported there were no signs of forced entry, although the resident said there was new damage around the lock on the front door.

The resident also reported he had left the air conditioning off when he left town and believed someone had turned it on by the amount of electric that was used while he was gone.

The resident also reported one of the neighbors said they had heard someone in his apartment over the weekend.

At the time of the report nothing appeared to be missing and there were no witnesses.

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