Rainy weather isn’t hampering work on building projects in the county.

Kim Chamberlin, with Upland Design Group, said, “It’s amazing how much is still getting done.”

Crab Orchard Elementary’s new facility is also progressing. About 65 percent of the building is under roof at this time, Chamberlin said, allowing construction to continue despite rain and cold temperatures. 

About 95 percent of the block masonry work is complete with brickwork scheduled to begin in about two weeks.

“We’re getting in the final color submittals to pick the colors within the building,” Chamberlin said. “We’ll start looking at some of the fun things inside the building.”

The new school is scheduled to open next fall, with only the 2001 addition to the current school remaining. 

At Cumberland County High School, work is continuing on the stadium renovation. 

“They’re able to do work inside so they’re a little better protected than the work at Crab Orchard,” Chamberlin said. 

They’re hanging light fixtures and painting inside while stadium seating and rails are being installed on the stadium portion. 

Next, they’ll start work on a retaining wall and install a French drain to help divert water from the structure. 

While some contingency funds have been needed at the stadium, about $4,000 to $5,000 remains with the project coming to an end in the next few months. The project began with $75,000 in contingency funds but, Chamberlin noted, renovation projects do often require those extra dollars. A good portion was allocated to a retaining wall on the far side of the football field and a new transformer to supply electrical power for the renovated facility.

The Crab Orchard Elementary Project has about $220,000 in contingency funds remaining. 

“We’re in really good shape. There’s some things on the horizon at Crab Orchard we’d like to look at before we’re done so we’re doing everything we can to watch those dollars,” Chamberlin said. 

In other action, the board approved the following items:

•Participation in 2019 Tennessee Youth Risk Behavior Survey

•Volunteers at Cumberland County High School, Crab Orchard Elementary, Stone Elementary, Pleasant Hill Elementary and North Cumberland Elementary

•CCHS baseball team overnight trip to Pigeon Forge March 28-29

•SMHS Band and Colorguard overnight trip to Atlanta March 23-24

•North Cumberland Elementary application for a Volunteer Energy Cooperative Customers Share grant

•World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser at Crab Orchard Elementary, to support purchasing playground equipment

•World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser at North Cumberland to support honor programs and school-wide positive behavior

•Van Wyk Confections and Mixed Bag fundraiser at Homestead Elementary to support library needs, technology equipment and student behavior incentives

•Disposal of surplus property at Crab Orchard Elementary, Pleasant Hill Elementary, North Cumberland Elementary, Homestead Elementary, Stone Elementary, CCHS, SMHS, Brown Elementary, federal programs, general education department, Career and Technical Education department, food services, and special education department.

Heather Mullinix is editor of the Crossville Chronicle. She covers schools and education in Cumberland County. She may be reached at hmullinix@crossville-chronicle.com.

Editor of the Crossville Chronicle.