Five Crab Orchard residents have filed damage complaints with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, claiming they had suffered damage from blasting at a nearby rock quarry last Tuesday.

Sheriff’s Deputy Cpl. Dustin Jackson wrote in his report that he was dispatched to the Market St. area of Crab Orchard after several residents complained of damage caused by blasting at the old county rock quarry. 

Jackson reported that he talked with the owner, operations manager and lead blaster about the incident and was told that “there are voids and mud seams which, when shot, expelled rock from the blast area.”

One resident reported roof and camper damage as well as debris scatted on his property; a second reported roof, gable and roof interior damage as well as scattered debris on his lawn; a third reported damage to the roof of a barn, gutters and some structure damage to the barn and a shed, along with debris scattered on the property; and fourth reported foundation and chimney damage; and the fifth resident reported cracks in foundation to a well used for water consumption.

The quarry owner offered weather protection services to the victims suffering roof damage. The state Fire Marshal’s Office was notified of the complaints.