Air quality testing at Homestead Elementary last month has found the presence of black mold in one classroom. 

A press release from the school system Friday afternoon advised seven classrooms were tested Jan. 27 and results returned Feb. 6.

“Of the seven classrooms tested, only room 304 showed any presence of black mold spores,” said the release from Director of Schools Janet Graham and Principal Candace Cook.

GEOservices, which conducted the testing, said spore levels were below 50-200 parts per cubic meter, which is the level when spores create the potential for health issues. 

“However, the fact that any of these spores were discovered compelled us to engage a professional mold remediation company, ServPro, to conduct specialized cleaning of the classroom over the weekend of Feb. 8,” the release continues. 

The class assigned to room 304 will meet in another location until follow-up testing is conducted and the issue resolved. 

“The health and safety of our staff and students is of the utmost importance,” the release says. “Therefore, we will also be contracting to have the air quality of the entire school tested and will follow through with further remediation if testing suggests the same.”

Cook will meet with faculty and staff Monday morning to discuss the issue. Parents will receive official notification of the findings in a letter to be sent home Monday.