When Cumberland County Commissioners meet Monday at 6 p.m. on the third floor of the courthouse, they will be presented with two major projects on the agenda. One is purchase of the Alpha Equipment Co. property and the other is approval of additions to the county’s archives building.

Both items were presented to and approved by the county’s Budget Committee earlier this month. The AEC property is located at the intersection of Hwy. 70 N. and Northside Dr. The archives building is located in the former First Baptist Church building between E. First St. and the Art Circle Library.

Work on purchase of the AEC property has been ongoing for several months and will be the new home for the Cumberland County Highway Department. Search for a new home was necessary because of electrical and structural issues at the present location off County Garage Rd.

A budget action was approved and sent to the full commission in the amount of $94,950 and will cover closing costs and insurance, installation of pads and covering for salt and sand storage, office work and other items. Funding will come from debt service.

The archives renovation/addition has been in the works for over two years and following a presentation and question and answer session with Kim Chamberlin of Upland Design Group, was approved at a primary cost estimate of $1.6 million.

The pre-design study calls for saving the original church while knocking down the two-story addition on the north side (across from the library) and replacing it with a three-story structure.

The renovations will correct drainage issues, provide secure storage area and enlarge the work area for staff.

“The building was not designed for storage and this will correct that,” Chamberlin told the committee.

County Mayor Alan Foster told committee members the project would be paid using debt service funds. The project will be paid back by using fees from the county clerk’s office, court system and sheriff’s office.

 The debt management committee is to also review both of these projects and is expected to meet Monday prior to the full commission meeting. In the case of the archives, the amount of fees to be used to pay the debt back will be set annually by the debt management committee for commission approval.

The amount to be acted on Monday does not include fees for Upland for the work they have done to date on the project.

In other business, the Budget Committee took the following action:

•APPROVED receiving a donation and recommending same to the full commission of $250 from Downtown Crossville Inc. for decorations during the Christmas season.

•APPROVED donating a K-9 kennel transport system be declared surplus property so it can bey donated to the Harriman Police Department. The kennel, valued at $375, is being taken from a decommissioned patrol unit.

•APPROVED recommending the purchase of a used International 2011 with rebuilt motor and two pieces of equipment exclusive to the use by the sanitation department in the amount of $65,905. Those funds will be taken from the sanitation department’s fund balance on approval of the full commission.


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