Dear Uncle Gib reader, this article will tell of the laying of the cornerstone at four of our county buildings by the Crossville Lodge No. 483 Free and Accepted Masons. The buildings are Webster Academy in 1876, a private school which stood where the old library, now the Hilltoppers Store, is located; the second county courthouse in 1884, now the Cumberland County Military Museum; the present county courthouse, 1905; and the Cumberland County High School across from the hospital, which is now the County Justice Center.

CENTENNIAL CHRONICLE. Article from Crossville Chronicle April 17, 1930. NOTABLE EVENT SATURDAY A.M. AT NEW BUILDING. Fourth Time that Lodge Has Performed This Ceremony. For the fourth time in the 54 years existence of Crossville Lodge No. 483 Free and Accepted Masons, the lodge will participate in the laying of a cornerstone, Saturday, of a public building—the new high school.

John Sevier Lodge No. 638, Pleasant Hill, and Clarkrange Lodge No. 605 have been invited to attend and any other Masons who may be in this section at the time, or who choose to be present. M. W. Grand Master E. R. Burr, of Nashville, will direct the ceremonies, assisted by members of Crossville Loge and others. Past Grand Master Charles Comstock will act as Deputy Grand Master during the ceremony. Grand Master Burr will be accompanied by L. C. Connel, secretary and treasurer of the Widows' and Orphan's home, and Brother Clinton Cook.

They plan to arrive from Jamestown about 6:30 p.m. Friday, and after taking dinner at Hotel Taylor, the Grand Master will make his official visit to Crossville, at which time the final arrangements will be perfected for the cornerstone ceremonies, which will take place Saturday morning at 9 o'clock. The Masons will go to the high school grounds in cars and there form in procession and assist the Grand Master with the ceremony. Since the fact has been widely heralded throughout the country, a large delegation of Masons is expected to be present.

FIRST CORNERSTONE LAID. The first ceremony of laying a cornerstone of a public building by Crossville Lodge was carried out June 24, 1876, while the lodge was working under dispensation. The ceremony was carried out at the building of Webster Academy, which was razed a few years ago. George W. Dawson, then Master of Crossville Lodge, was deputized as Grand Master for the occasion and led the ceremony. The officers of the lodge at that time were: G. W. Dawson, worshipful master; Horace Miller, senior warden; J. A. Renfro, junior warden; W. A. Hamby, senior deacon; Samuel Cline, junior deacon; A. N. Hamby, treasurer; O. W. Perkins, secretary; J. A. P. Hamby, tyler.

The other cornerstone ceremonies next week.