The area recorded wind gusts to 45 miles an hour Sunday morning as a strong cold front moved across the Plateau. This week should be very quiet weather-wise, sunny days and clear nights and no rain in the five-day forecast.

High temperatures will only be in the 50s for much of the week but it will warm up into the 60s by the weekend. Most of the nights this week will bring frost and freeze. Wednesday temperatures are expected to drop into the 20s in many areas.

In the extended forecast,  two systems that could affect Thanksgiving week are seen. One would be a couple of days before Thanksgiving and the other several days after.

 It looks like the final week of the month will be another wild ride of up-and-down temperatures. A more complete holiday forecast will be shared next week.

October was a crazy month of weather across the United States with record wildfires in Colorado and California. 

There were 11 named Atlantic tropical cyclones making landfall in the U.S. this hurricane season, breaking the previous record of nine landfalls in 1916. 

It was the snowiest October on record for many places, including: Minneapolis-St. Paul (9.3 inches); Amarillo, TX (7.4 inches); and Wichita, KS (1.6 inches). 

I think we will be in for some exciting weather ourselves in January and February. You can reach me anytime if you have weather questions,

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