Dear Uncle Gib reader, I’m sorry that last week there wasn’t a special write up for Memorial Day weekend. Last year, at this holiday time, a bad fall in my family began the decline in health that led to a family loss some months later, and somehow I just didn’t want to think about the holiday this year. Here’s hoping you all had a wonderful time remembering our service personnel, past and present, and a good time with family visits. 

CHRONICLE. Sept. 13, 1922. Bank Site Selected; Work to Commence Soon. Temporary Quarters Will Be Opened in Section of Measamer Brothers Store. Those directing the launching of the Cumberland Bank and Trust Company met Saturday and took further steps toward opening the bank for business at an early date. 

It has been decided that the building will be erected adjoining the T. M. Rector restaurant on the south and Measamer Brothers on the north. The building is to be of brick and only one story. While the plans have not been secured the sentiment Saturday was very strongly for having a public business room in the rear of the bank where any person may go to write or persons may assemble for the discussion of business deals. 

There is to be ample accommodations in the way of paper, pens ink and other facilities that will be helpful to those having business matters to discuss. There is also to be a shed built on the lot to the rear of the bank where farmers can hitch for feeding and to protect their teams from weather. A watering trough is to be provided also. There will be room for parking cars it is hoped.

The plan is to secure a safe of the latest and most approved type. The bank fixtures are to be modern in every way. The building is to be only one story and will probably have a sky light to provide ample light at all times.

The present plans are, so far as decided upon, to open the bank for business in a section of the Measamer Brothers store that is to be partitioned off from the main store. Just how soon the bank will be opened for business no one is able to say as it is not known how soon the safe will be purchased and received, but it is understood that the matter is to be pushed as rapidly as possible.

The capital stock is $25,000. No person has been selected as cashier as yet, but B. W. Bowden, of Jamestown, is prominently mentioned for the place. It is expected that work will commence on the new building by the first of October or possible sooner. 

MISS NASHVILLE RUNNER-UP IN NATIONAL BEAUTY SHOW. Miss Sue Burton, as “Miss Nashville,” won second prize in the national inter-city beauty contest at Atlantic City Friday. “Miss Columbus,” winner of the first prize, also won the prize as the golden mermaid and was proclaimed “Miss America.”

OK, your trivia lesson here; The pageant was called “The Atlantic City Pageant.” The winner was called “The Golden Mermaid.” Mary Katerine Campbell of Columbus, Ohio, won in 1922, and is the only girl to win the title twice in a row — she won again in 1923.

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