Wedding gown fashions, old and new. Can you still fit into your gown? If not, will it fit on a hanger? If so, we extend a special invitation to you, your friends and neighbors to either wear your gown or bring it to the luncheon for display along with your wedding pictures. We plan to have fun with this special feature at noon on Thursday, June 21, at Legends at Druid Hills. There will be hostess gifts.

Our speaker this month will be Joan Matthews of Conyers, GA. Come and catch her contagious enthusiasm as she speaks on her favorite topic: "Pretense to Purpose."

To make a reservation (a must), call Myrna at 707-0661; or e-mail Rebecca at by noon on Saturday, June 16. Your reservation must be honored or given to a friend. A check or a $10 bill will cover all expenses, including your lunch of chicken supreme or a heart smart meal, as well as the rolls, beverage and tip. For the young mothers, there will be a free nursery. Please bring a sack lunch for your child.

Prayer connection will be June 14 at 10 a.m. at the home of Connie Smith. Call Connie at 707-1335 for directions.