CPR bake sale.jpg

Carol Hallford and Nan Effory sell baked goods to raise funds to help those unable to afford cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation.

Friday at the Crossroads offered something for everyone Oct. 4 — and for one group of volunteers, the event grew into more than they expected.

It started with a few people in one of the cardiac pulmonary rehabilitation classes at Cumberland Medical Center. They decided to have a bake sale to raise money for grants to help those who need the rehab but are unable to afford it because they are either uninsured or underinsured.

Volunteers collected home-baked goods from several of the cardiac pulmonary rehab classes, and one procured a prime spot in front of Mitchell Drug Store. 

By the time Friday at the Crossroads ended, the bake sale had netted a bit more than $900. But the volunteers didn’t stop there — they passed the hat the following Monday until they were able to round off the amount to $1,004.

Volunteers do make a difference. To volunteer to be part of the difference, call Sherry Gregory at 931-788-5400.

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