The United Fund has several items that were not picked up from their Dessert and Auction. If you would like to still get in on this action, they will be taking bids via e-mail through Oct. 15 at 2 p.m. The winning bidders will be notified and can come by and pick up items after this in the United Fund Office. Remember, your donations benefit 32 nonprofit agencies right here in the community.

Items for auction include:

•Portugal Secla Mojolica Cabbage Leaf Large Salad Bowl — has three compartments and one matching smaller bowl. The opening bid $25.

•Silk flowers in a box — silk marigolds, with ivy and mushrooms in a wooden box basket. Opening bid $10.

•Silver business card holder — Opening bid $15.

•Set of five individual 128 MB flash drives — brand new... great gifts for students or business associates! Plug into any computer's USB port for 128 MB of portable data/document memory, jack-knife folding style protects port ... no cap to lose! Colorful lanyards included, each comes with a box and tag plastic gift basket included. Opening bid $30.

•Lady Traveler Set — Rolling tote with retractable wheels, foldable, mini travel alarm clock, heated auto mug, blue butterfly umbrella with matching tote bag, brown leather wallet, pocket mirror with case, spare pair of reading glasses in Tin Case +250, green receipt/coupon organizer, totes curling iron travel sleeve, 4-piece manicure set, travel sewing kit, travel first aid kit, closet suit bag, scented travel candle, playing cards, 2008-09 pocket calendar, luggage strap, luggage tag, pocket sized tissues and handy-sacks, plastic market basket. Opening bid $24.

•4-H backpack with rollers — Opening bid $10.

•CCHS blue cap — Opening bid $10.

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