Special Spay/Neuter Opportunity

Spay/Nueter ("fixin") is a common veterinary procedure that can ensure that you won't get stuck with an unwanted litter of cats or dogs. Unwanted litters can be stressful, costly and inconvenient for the pet owner and the community. So, maybe you want to fix your dog or cat, but can’t afford it?  How does FREE sound to you? Wags and Whiskers has a special opportunity for you coming in February. Call them at 788-2201 and mention the promo code “FREE” to learn more and see if you qualify. If you do, you will receive a voucher and instructions in the mail and then you will make your appointment.  

This offer is good only for appointments at their vets from Feb. 24 through Feb. 28. If you can't get an appointment for those dates, the voucher will still give you a $100 discount for dogs and $75 for cats.  

To learn more about Spay/Neuter and this offer, check out their website www.fixyourpets.net.

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