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Donnie Garner provided entertainment at the recent meeting of the 127 Seniors.

Dominoes, jigsaw puzzles, coffee and snacks were enjoyed early. Bingo prizes were donated by Eye Centers of Tennessee. The members thank all of their donors for their support of the senior center, as they are self-funded.  Helen Lord called bingo with assistance from Arlene Simmons, Velma Pauley, Pat Fredley and Marietta Dijon. The help each week for bingo is always appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who brings a dish or dessert to share for lunch. It is very much appreciated. Thanks to the kitchen and dining room helpers as well. The center would not survive long without all of the volunteers.

Jan welcomed everyone, and the meeting was called to order. Bob Jones said the opening prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Phyllis Jones. The sunshine lady, Nancy Fincher, mentioned members in need of prayers and visitation. Beverly Fenton said a thank you for her cards. Rich Gadwell, David Dijon, Harold and Joy Moyer and Shirley Johnson are all doing better. Please keep Gene Brown, Tom Simmons, Lucy Parrot,

Dottie Bickel and Carol Kirkland in your prayers.

Tuesday was their mystery trip. Jan is collecting for the General Jackson trip, and the final payment for the San Francisco trip is due June 28.

Remember to use Kroger cards to benefit the center, and see Ron Lord if assistance is needed. There will be no bluegrass during June and July. 

June 13 will be the Music of the Cumberlands show at the Palace. Tickets are $12 and may be purchased online or at the theater. Please come and support the center. There is a lot of talent at this show. See the flyers in the center or Tom Fincher for more details.

The next game day will be Tuesday, June 18. Food and games will begin at 11:30 a.m. See Helen Lord to sign up. They will play dominoes, joker and hand and foot. All members are welcome.

The next picnic at the center will be July 12, with a special bingo starting at 8:30 a.m. See Sheila Johnson to

sign up and pay $8 per member or $9 each guest.  

Fred read off the names of this month’s birthday people: Gene Ballew, Tom Fincher, Sue Goforth, Rose Ploss and Barbara Davis. Anniversaries were Gus and Sally Rogers and Gwen and Harold Flynn, who have been married for 63 years. Congratulations to all! 

Leonard told a “bird” joke. He is such a character, and everyone loves him. Remember that on July 26, they need to move all the chairs out for the Corridor sale. Jan has helped in moving items from the outer buildings into the main rooms for the Corridor sale.

Have a great week everyone and count your blessings.