Pleasant Hill Council members gathered March 11 at 7 p.m. for the regular March meeting. Following the call to order, the recorder called roll. All members were on hand except Donna Mitchell who reported she was ill.

The February council minutes were approved with the note of a few typing errors.

No grievances or town concerns were reported.

Mayor's communications

Some good news for a change. TML writes that the "claim fairy" has been good to Pleasant Hill this year. It will return over $8 million in dividends this year. It is not sure how much of that will trickle down to Pleasant Hill. Premium rates will be reduced as follows:

•Liabilities — average 10 percent; worker compensation — 5 percent; and property — 4 percent.

There is finally some progress in upgrading the mowing and winter ice and snow removal equipment. There may be the possibility of getting some substantial equipment the city can afford and justify.

The bad news? A check with the county for possible help revealed they disposed of four tractors with side mount mowers a year ago for only $3-4,000 for the tractor and mower combined.

However, the county people suggested Mountain Farm International on 70N that has in the past helped the county with equipment. Sammie Bilbrey indicated they would have some used equipment of that type soon. He will get better information soon. Stay tuned.

The mayor and councilman Bill Carrell spent a very productive morning with Sheriff Burgess Tuesday. Bill will provide details later in this column.

Renewal of the Memorial Park Bible Monument is progressing. Mayor Olds found Larry Kilby at work on Tuesday.

The design of the monument is a little different from what the mayor pictured, but in the end, the products will probably be better. The height is as before. He has boxed in the immediate area, including the masonry back supports, and filled in the void with rock and concrete. Now it sits on a masonry tablet, surrounded by a shell of masonry with the table incorporated into a large, solid concrete boulder. The mayor thinks this will work better than before and be done soon.

March's community character focus is fairness. In a nutshell, fairness is concerned with actions and processes that are morally right, honorable and equitable.

Financial report

Things are going well. The recorder reminded the council of two budget workshops to be scheduled to get the budget ready on time.

Council member reports

Education — Donna Mitchell was absent. There will be a volleyball tournament in mid-March.

Recycling — Bill Carrell had nothing to report. Residents are encouraged to actively participate. Remember, money is earned for Pleasant Hill by bringing used newspapers to the recycling bins. This is a painless way to earn money for this town.

Security — Bill Carrell spoke on the meeting with Butch Burgess. There was discussion of instituting a neighborhood watch and renewing signs in town to make them fresh and clean and getting new signs. There is a need for everyone to be on guard.

There was hopeful discussion about getting a new substation that will put help on the spot with movement visible 24 hours a day.

Get neighbors together (when and where if possible) to show the fact that everyone is doing what is needed to alert everyone to security activities with all areas working together. A substation here would have an influence on gasoline conservation.

Sheriff Burgess is pleased by our interest in security.

Streets and maintenance — Robert Savage has checked road areas around town as to whether all are bona fide Pleasant Hill roads. Star Drive and Holly Lane have been in question, and now they are listed as Pleasant Hill roads. Any that may be questionable will be listed to be cared for.

It is suggested to check with Pleasant Hill's street worker Roger as to the roads he cares for.

Jack Yates reminded the council that there will be a beer board meeting following the April coucnil meeting.

Building inspector — Roger Willier issued one building permit since the February meeting.

Old business

There was the second reading of ordinance 08-02 — "Approving and accepting a quit claim" — an amended deed for the old cemetery on Browntown Rd.

This has been reported on and this was the second reading. It was approved. The town of Pleasant Hill now owns this cemetery next to the Village Market.

New business

There was presentation by Jim Flynn relative to his condo on Grandview.

Mr. Flynn paid for consultation about the poor construction of his new condo. In this matter, he has hired at his expense Paul Perry, an experienced building inspector, to inspect the condo.

Mr. Perry concurs with Mr. Flynn's assessment of poor construction. It should be noted that Mr. Flynn himself is an experienced contractor. Several instances of poor construction have been verified.

Mr. Flynn feels building codes must be enforced and adequate fire prevention procedures followed.

Our building inspector and Nancy Himmel, executive director of Uplands, were present.

There was considerate discussion on this critical matter. There will be further investigation to see what may be done to rectify the problems.

Ordinance #08-03 — "An ordinance approving the creation of a crosswalk across East Main Street, approximately 100 yards from Highway 70W of the junction and authorizing payment for the same."

The council has spent some investigating this situation, and realizes this crosswalk is very necessary to protect children living on East Sycamore.

One school student has been hit and another just missed getting hit.

This problem has been discussed with TDOT who has recommended an intersectional crosswalk and appropriate striping. The council voted in favor of this.

The matter will be decided soon and striping done if the crosswalk is approved. This is not to exceed $1,000 and will be paid out of the street fund.

Pleasant Hill postmaster moving to Grimsley

Since Lee Ann Luxford, Pleasant Hill postmaster for some seven years, will move to another post in Grimsley, TN. The council approved resolution 08-01 in honor of Lee Ann for her friendly, faithful service to Pleasant Hill and residents as postmaster. Though Grimsley is not far, Pleasant Hill residents will miss her.

Resolution 08-01 has been approved, proclaiming March 15, 2008, Lee Ann's final day in Pleasant Hill, Lee Ann Luxford Day in Pleasant Hill. Lee Ann will also be extended a key to the city of Pleasant Hill, exempting her from ordinances pertaining to certificates of assembly, parades, and raucous noises.

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