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Thanksgiving is full of traditions, and at the Crossville Chronicle it has become a tradition to print the turkey recipes of the first-grade classes from Pleasant Hill Elementary School. Teacher Debby Wilson started the tradition many years ago when she shared them for publication with the Chronicle. It since has become a highly-anticipated reader favorite each Thanksgiving. We present to you “how to cook a turkey” recipes from Pleasant Hill first-grade students.


Kendall Hass’ class


Alaiyna Todd: I would get my turkey probably at Walmart. It would cost 10 dollars. How I would cook it is I would put it in the oven. With it I would cook some fries. I would eat it at my house and share it with some friends. 


Makenzie Gerhardt: I would chase one. I would chase it at house in the woods. Then I would get some ingredients at the dollar store. I would find some spice and drive to my house. When I go to my house I will make it with a crock pot. Then my mom will temperature it and then cut it. I will eat it with my friends and my mom and dad. Then we will eat it.


Colton Spriggs: I would get my turkey from a store. Then we will bring it home and we will cook it at our house. We will cook it in our oven and set the temperature at 20 degrees. Then my family and me will eat it. 


Wade Francis: Eventually I like to go hunting and just shoot it by the lake. Then I will drag it home and I will poke it with some salt and pepper oh yeah and a red pepper and I will add some sugar and flour. I will put it in the oven and when I am done I will just put it on my dinner table and set up the candles. I will put the plate holders up. I will put my mom with a chair that goes up and down and my dad with the same one. Then we will eat.


Rylan Kelly: I’m going to go hunting in the woods and we are going to get in the truck and when we find a big fat one we are going to shoot it. We are going to carve it and we are going to make some salad and put it around it. But first we have got to peel the turkey before we eat it. We will put it in a pan and cook it for about 15 minutes. 


Riley Flowers: I’m going to go to the place where you can get a turkey called the flea market. I’ll get the turkey at the flea market and take it home. I’m going to cook it in the stove. Ill turn it on to let it cook. When it gets out of the stove I will set everything up and then eat I with my mom and daddy. 


Grayson Potts: I will get my rifle and me and my dad will go hunting in Kentucky. We will wait until turkeys come out. Then we will look for a male turkey and I will shoot it. Then we will take it home and pluck its feathers. Then we will cook it at our house in a crock pot. It will take 2 hours. Last we will eat. But first we have to serve silverware. 


Kyah Meeks: I will go find one out at my house. Then I will kill it. I’d need something to help me carry it in the house like an elephant. After the elephant helps me carry it in I will ask my dad to help me put the turkey in the oven. It needs to be put in there for 6 minutes. I will invite some people like my granny and cousins to help us eat it. 


Haydrien Lanier: I would buy a turkey at the turkey factory. Once I get the turkey I will cut his legs and his head. I will cook it at my house in the stove for 6. Id put some hot sauce on it. Then I would take it out and eat it. 


Oakley Mellott: I would get my turkey at the pet store. Then I would cook it at home I would put bacon and eggs on it. People would love it because bacon and eggs on a turkey are really good I have eaten it a few times like that. Then I will let it cool down. Then I would eat it. 


Titus Qualls: On Thanksgiving it is my birthday So I don’t know what I would do. Its going to be really hard to do my birthday and thanksgiving. We are just going to get a frozen turkey and pretty much my mom is going to cook it but all I know is that I’m going to get a cake probably a shark cake at meme’s. 


Adaia Jenkins: I’m going to get the turkey from the dollar store and I guess I am going to cook it with my mom. Ill have to ask her for help because I have no idea how to do it. We are going to cook it together and she is going to help me because the plates are too high. Then we will put dinner on the plates after my dad cuts the turkey.


Brandon Thomas: I think I’m just going to go to the state park and buy a turkey there. I’m going to put it in my car and I’m going to drive it home and I’m going to cook it and get all the fur off and get its bones off. Then I will cook it in microwave for 400 minutes then it will be very hot and I will eat it when it cools down. 


Maci Carr: I would get it from the store ice cold in the freezer. I would go home and id have to ask nanny for help. We would like put a spice of stuff on it and boil it in the water. We will cook mashed potatoes, carrots, and sometimes cookies and cupcakes and the whole family will come. We also will make funny silly videos.


Bella Abston: Well I would start by looking where turkeys usually live. Then after I found a turkey I would show it to everyone and make sure it is not too fat or too skinny. But id have to make sure I had a lot cause there are a lot of people that will come. I will cook it in the oven for 8 seconds and minutes. Then after I cook it I will take all the hair off and cut it and start doing that to all the other turkeys too because everyone will need their own turkey. 


Bentley Yingling: I have some woods so I’m going to be moving. Its probably going to be a tan turkey when I’m hunting. When I see the turkey I’m going to shoot and fetch it. Ill see what I’m supposed to take out of the turkey. I think I take out the bones. Then I will make a fire outside with a few matches. Then I will cook the turkey in that silver stuff that wraps up. It will cook over the fire about 30 or 20 minutes. If it has some fat I will take it out and throw it in the woods for the birds. Ill have to catch some fish too in the lake if I’m still hungry after turkey. 


Emily Thompson: I would go outside and find a turkey in the woods and get it and go into the house and put it in the oven at about 20 degrees then take it out and put it on the kitchen table. Id put stuff on it like vegetables beside it. 


Joshua Johnson: I’d have my daddy to go get a turkey. He is going to kill it with it with his gun. Then we are going to take it home. My dad is going to put it in the oven because I’m too little to put it in the oven. My mom is going to cook the vegetables and not the meat because she said meat is way too hard to cut. 


Hunter Pugh: I’m going to kill the turkey with a knife. Once I kill it with the knife I’m going to cook it in a pan. It has to cook about 2 hours. When it is done cooking I will eat it. 


Brooke Brown: You have to go to the woods real early and wait for a turkey to come by so you can shoot it. Then you take out its feathers. Next you take the skin off its legs. You put the turkey in the oven for 8 hours on 325 degrees. Oh and don’t forget to put salt on it. Then you feast. Happy Turkey Day!


Taylor Hale’s Class


Blake Bowman: Maybe the oven. 


Skyler Brock: Turn on the grill. Close the grill. Wait. Open it back up. Stop the grill. Get the turkey out. 


Kanon Elmore: You put it in a microwave for 20 minutes. Then you can eat it with mashed potatoes and green beans and a drink. 


Tobias Foy: We cook it in the slow cooker. First, we put it in a slow cooker. Then, we push a button and turn it to high. Then, we put the lid on it. Then we have these bar things that we push up to lock it down and then use the silver hard things to push it down to lock it. Once its ready we keep it in the slow cooker to let it cool off. Then we take it out. We invite some friends. Then we eat it and watch TV.


Johnathan Hamby: First peel the skin off the turkey. Then put it on a pan and turn the stove up. When it’s done, you put some legs in it so it won’t fall. Then put some pepper on it. Then it’s ready to eat. 


Hunter Henderson: Get it from the field. Put it in the oven. Cook it for 10 seconds. Get it out. Eat it.


Haidyn Houston: Slice it. Bake it. 


Charlie Johnson: You kill a turkey. Put it on a pan and cook it for 14 seconds or something. Then you get it out and its done. 


Zechariah Lawerence: Get a turkey from the ground. Put it in the microwave and cook it for 100 minutes. When it’s done get it out and put it on the stove for some couple of minutes and then get it off when it has cooled down. Then eat it. 


Austin Williams: You put it on a pan. Then you put a fryer under the pan. Then you put some cooking sauce on the pan to cook it. Then you set up the table and put it on a big brown thing. One that has footaging on it. Its that grey stuff that shines in the light. You put the chicken on it. Then you put plates down and grab your fork and knife and get a piece of rooster. Then you eat it with hot sauce or another sauce. 


Blake Griffin: You put it in the microwave for 2 hours then it’s done.


Hannah Linson: Get a turkey from the store. You pay for it. You eat it. 


Robin Noffke: Get a turkey from a farm. Then, put it in the oven and cook it for 5 minutes with oil. Then take it out and it’s a roasted turkey. Then add pepper on it to make it taste really good. 


Carter McLawhorn: Go to the store and buy a turkey. Go home and cook it. Put it in a pan and in the oven or stove. When it’s done you can eat it. 


Beneka Parkhurst: Get a turkey from outside. Take it to your house in a cage and then put it in the oven and cook it. You need to cook it for 9 minutes on 60 degrees. 


Levi Qualls: My mom puts a 5 on the turkey. She boils it. Then she takes it out. You see if its hot then we eat it. 


Adrien Sutton: Get a turkey from a farm and cook it for 10 minutes. And cook ham for 5 minutes. Stuffing is really good. 


Josey Williams: You need to catch a turkey and kill it. Put it in the oven. Cook it for 10 minutes. 


Mason Redwine: First you may need to buy one at the store or hunt it. Then put it in the oven. Use oil and wait a little bit. Then take it out and put it on the table. Then eat it.


Addilyn Whaley: Go to the store and buy a turkey. Fix it and cook it. 


Pam Taylor’s Class


Chase Adams: I would get my turkey in the woods. I can shoot it by myself. I am going to take the feathers off it and bring it home to cook it. I will put some eggs on it and some meat. I will cook it on the stove on 25 for 31 seconds. Then everyone in my family is going to eat it. I will eat with Thomas too. 


Caylee Jones: I would cook my turkey with a note that my mom showed me how (recipe). I would go to a store to buy stuff like cupcakes and cakes. I would buy bananas. That is all.


Shayla White: I am getting my turkey from Wal-Mart. I will play games at Wal-Mart. My mom is going to cook the turkey on the stove for 5 hours and 30 minutes. I will put syrup on the turkey. My friends will eat it too. I will have cupcakes too for my friends. 


Braxton Buck: I will go hunt in the woods and go kill a turkey. I will skin it and hang it. Then, I will cook it over the fire for 30 minutes. My mom and dad will eat it with me. We will have pumpkin pie. My recipe is homemade turkey. 


Mary Bullock: I am going to get my turkey from Kroger’s and put it in the oven for 25 minutes and put salt on it. I will eat it with my mom and dad and me. We will have cupcakes and fries and nuggets. 


Brylee Brown: I will kill a turkey. Then, I will cook it in the oven. Then, I will put toothpicks in each side to make it look pretty. Where I stabbed the turkey I will put slices of pineapples. When it is done I will eat it with my mom and dad. I will eat some pumpkin pie too. 


Jackson Palmer: I would buy my turkey from the store. I would turn it on to 5 percent. I would boil it for 30 minutes. I will have pudding from too. My granny will have lots of desserts made. And I will eat it with Ranch dressing. My papaw and PaPa J, my Aunt Joy, Uncle Trent, Uncle Fud, and my mom and dad will eat with me.


Jacob Velasquez: I’m getting my turkey from the forest. I will shoot it with a cross-bow. I cut the feathers off with a knife. I will cook it on the stove for half an hour. My mom and dad are going to eat it. I will also have some beans and rice to eat too. 


Harper Sapp: I will get my turkey from Walmart. It will be a big turkey. I will cook it at 55.3 degrees for about 40-50 minutes. I will cook boiled eggs to eat

with it too and Mac and Cheese. I will eat with my Nonna, Zach, Ryder, Caydence, my papa and DeeDee and Aunt Caro-

lyn and Aiden and Logan and my mom and dad



Cruz Martinez-Navarro: I will get my turkey from the store. I will cook it in the microwave. Everyone will eat in my family. We will have dessert and jelly. My family will all eat together.


Kenzie Bowman: I get my turkey from Wal-Mart. I will wash off my turkey. I will cook it in the oven at 8 percent for 2-3 hours. We will have mashed potatoes and maybe stuffing. I will eat with my mom (Peggy), my dad (Perry), and my brother Blake, my aunt (Betty Sue), my papa Junior, Essie Pearl, and Tommy and his kids and some of my friends.


Carson Coffey: I would go hunting for a turkey. I would go hunting in the woods. I will shoot it and skin it. I would hang it up. Then, I would cook it by a fire. I would cook it until it is done. I will eat with my cousins (Garrett, Ty, and Luke) and family. 


Aleczander Baker: I would hunt my turkey and kill it with a cannon ball. I will put it in a turkey plucker to get the feathers off. I will cook it well done. I will eat it with my Aunt Kenzie, Uncle Frankie, my mom and dad, my cousins Isiah and Lexi, my poppa, my mammie, my grandpa, my grandma, and all my friends and my brother too. 


Evelyn Blankenship: Me and my Papa Wayne will go in the woods and kill a turkey. We will take the feathers off when we get home. I will put it in the over for 10 minutes at medium temperature. We will have mashed potatoes, green beans, macaroni and cheese with some salads too. I will eat with my Pappa and mom, and my uncle. 


Harley Walker: I will get my turkey in the woods. I will shoot it with a shot gun. I will get the feathers off when I get home. I will cook my turkey in the oven for 10 minutes at 10 degrees. We will have mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and macaroni. I will eat with my mom and just my family and my brother-in-law. 


Ivan Silverio-Martinez: I will buy my turkey from Wal-Mart. I will cook it in the oven at 10 degrees for 9 minutes. We will have juice and maybe beans. I will eat with mom, dad and my brother.

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