Actress Patty Payne played the part of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt for a reenactment of the speech Roosevelt made in the community. Payne has played the part of Mrs. Roosevelt many times in the Homesteads Album, an original production of the Cumberland County Playhouse, and her performance was one of the highlights of the Homestead's 75th anniversary celebration.

Jim Crabtree, producing director of the Cumberland County Playhouse, accepted recognition of the Playhouse from Lee Curtis of the Tennessee Department of Tourism Development.

Carson Whitaker, left, and Virgie Denton, right, are two of the six remaining original Cumberland Homesteaders. The two were at the ceremony with their families and were honored.

Randy Vaden and his mother, Ema Jean Vaden, listen to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt's reenactment speech. The Vadens are second and third generation Homesteaders and are extremely active in the Cumberland Homesteads Tower Association.

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