Gov. Phil Bredesen has proclaimed May 14-20 as Nursing Home Week, and, in celebration, Country Place Health Care Center and other long-term care facilities across the Volunteer State will honor patients who are "Legends in Our Own Time" as well as honor the staff and volunteers who serve them.

Legends are often thought of as emanating from Greek or Roman history, great wars or that unforgettable play on the sports field. Yet, legends can be found everyday in local communities. With all their experiences, knowledge and accomplishments, nursing home patients, as well as their caregivers, are perfect sources in uncovering legends and people who have changed the world.

"There is a legend in everyone," said Cindy Wilson, administrator at Country Place Health Care Center. "Nursing Home Week gives us the opportunity to bring our patients' stories, memories and wisdom to light. We want to invite the community to experience firsthand what we learn from our patients everyday."

In celebration of Nursing Home Week and the legends found in long-term care, many events are scheduled at Country Place Health Care Center.

"We are proud of the services we provide and of the patients we care for," said Wilson. "There are patients and staff we see everyday whose contributions make them legends in our eyes and the eyes of families and co-workers."

Nursing Home Week sets aside time to recognize patients who scaled great heights and the staff who help them continue to do so each day. Even though a week seems too short to acknowledge all the things that nursing home patients and staff have accomplished in their lifetimes, it is a small step in the right direction.

Country Place Health Care Center is a member of Tennessee Health Care Association, a nonprofit organization whose members include long-term care facilities located throughout the state. For more information about nursing homes, contact THCA at (615) 834-6520 or visit

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