The following individuals applied for a marriage license from the Cumberland County Clerk’s office:

July 27

David James Pyles, 42, to Jodi Noel Edwards, 28, both of Crossville

July 28

Dylon Cole Dishman, 22, to Emily Brooke Pugh, 21, both of Crossville

July 29

Sean Micheal Money, 28, to Billie Jo Lee Powell, 37, both of Crossville

July 31

Herschell Lyon Becker, 53, to Memrie Anne Jones Wattenbarger, 45, both of Crossville

Michael David Mynar, 41, to Leah Elaine Oliver, 35, both of Crossville

Aug. 3

Christian Tyler Ocasio Beaver, 19, to Samantha Rose Marie Clark, 24, both of Crossville

Alan David Harris, 25, to Cali Ann Netherton, 25, both of Crossville

James Christopher Lynn Davis, 33, to Kayla Ciara Claar Bryant, 27, both of Crossville

Mohammad Said Allaf, 73, to Rana Ghaleb Mahmound Alkhatib, 53, both of Crossville

Aug. 4

Aaron Thomas Boggs, 27, to Shellene Nichole Dillon, 24, both of Crossville

Goth Bart Swicegood, 86, to Minnie Jane Butler, 81, both of Rockwood

Jason Edward Broeckel, 42, to Jennie Nichole Tarley Whittenburg, 39, both of Crossville

Aug. 5

Joseph Michael Cooper, 31, to Kylie Marie Aytes Huffer, 30, both of Crossville

Michael Christopher Fassnacht, 30, to Jana Lynn Baldinger, 36, both of Crossville

Aug. 6

Clinton Andrew Kemmer, 19, to Taylor Michelle Webb, 19, both of Crossville

Aug. 7

Joshua Paul Lavar Bain, 24, of Powder Springs, GA, to Madyson Geriline Jade Green, 23, of Crossville

Aug. 10

William Francis Brod IV, 36, of Crossville, to Pamela Marie O’Keefe, 35, Ontario, Canada

Russell Wade Goad, 46, to Brezzi Danielle Harville, 36, both of Sparta

Aug. 11

James Micheal Long, 47, to Amy Jo Evans Stout, 50, both of Kingston

Carl Allen Scott, 42, to Vetta Gina Dick Babb, 46, both of Crossville

Dustin Alan Henry, 24, to Tiffany Lynn Barnett, 22, both of Crossville

Aug. 12

Max Alexander Mochow, 25, to Amanda Kay Dalton Milashus, 25, both of Clarkrange

Shane Alvin Henderson, 31, to Kelsea Marlena-Rose Riggs, 25, both of Crossville

Aug. 13

Jon Alexander Zerba Jr., 34, to Maylee Sue Luttrell, 29, both of Crossville

Aug. 17

Jonathan Levi Foust, 28, to Loleata Lavonne Pippin, 26, both of Crossville

Steven Ray Nobles, 25, to Caitlin Marie Barnes, 23, both of Crossville

Jordan Nicholas Lynn, 25, to Mikinze Lee Remling, 26, both of Crossville

Aug. 18

Jason Brookes Sheffield, 38, to Lillian Irene Hammons, 27, both of Crossville

Douglas James Pellillo, 36, to Hannah Marie Gore, 22, both of Crossville

Hunter Lee Kirkland, 21, to Tessa Danae Dixon, 24, both of Crossville

Aug. 19

Ted Lamar Ritchie Jr., 26, to Ashley Nicole Murphy Miller, 24, both of Crossville

Aug. 20

Robert Brian Carey, 41, to Cassandra Danielle Irma Walker, 26, both of Crossville

Donald Scott Kimery, 42, to Anissa Renee Lawson, 45, both of Gallatin

Aug. 21

Larry Bruce Crownover, 44, of Jamestown, to Deborah Ruth Stephens Williams, 45, of Crossville

Ritchie Lynn Hall, 53, to Karri Melisa Lamantia, 46, both of Crossville

Dillon Scott Musgrave, 25, to Bayli Dawn Nelson, 23, both of Crab Orchard

Eric David Rodriguez, 58, to Laura Christine Roderick Yelland, 59, both of Crossville

Aug. 24

Daniel Thomas Floyd, 22, to Kimberly Alicia Lloyd, 22, both of Crossville

Aug. 26

Donnie Evans, 70, to Bobbie Jean Evans Myers, 55, both of Sparta

Dennis Alfred Kahoun, 77, to June Louise Sullivan, 54, both of Crossville