Sept. 24

Jakob Carl Stamper, 20, to Sierria Brianna Robinson, 20, both of Crossville.

Adolfo Angel Aguilar, 23, to Amy Larae Sullivan, 21, both of Baxter.

Matthew Allen Bianconi, 24, to Misty Dawn Ashburn, 34, both of Crossville.

Michael Joe Pendergrass Jr., 31, of Pikeville, to Jessica Lynn Ennis, 27, of Spencer.

Barry Alan Davis, 57, of Monterey, to April Dawn Brannon, 45, of Crossville.

Sept. 25

Brandon Lee Cravens, 30, to April Ashley Stevens, 34, both of Rockwood.

Sept. 26

Marc Benton Threet, 56, to Anna Marie Pilson, 50, both of Spring City.

Roger David Stephens, 47, to Malina Leah Osborne, 48, both of Crossville.

Hollis Lee Vanwinkle II, 47, to Julie Marie Hayes, 48, both of Crossville.

Sept. 27

Houston Allen Vincent, 26, to Aubrey Lorin Graham, 19, both of Crossville.

Sept. 30

Michael Jeffrey Ames, 52, of Crossville, to Jackie Michele Bettencourt, 52, of Strathroy, Ontario, Canada.

Darrell Edward Rector, 42, to Brittany Danielle Burgess, 28, both of Crossville.

Buster Perry Edwards, 35, to Amy Nicole Hassler, 25, both of Crossville.

Oct. 1

Timothy Mark Cann, 67, to Tatyana Alekseyevna Suchkova-geng, 60, both of Crossville.

Michael Brian Klinedinst, 54, of Crossville, to Martha Jane James, 42, of Grandview.

Dillon Robert Thurman, 22, to Lindsey Renee Nichols, 19, both of Crossville.

Oct. 2

Ethan Luke Cunningham, 23, to Baylee Danielle Fugate, 22, both of Crossville.

Oct. 3

Payson Kenneth Bartlett, 53, to Donna Marie Collins, 54, both of Crossville.

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