Oct. 15

Richard Earl Kilburn, 34, to Kennetha Gabrielle Wattenbarger, 26, both of Crossville.

Oct. 16

Tyler Lee Ford, 24, to Sadie Lynn Godsey, 20, both of Decatur.

Justin James Cooper, 31, to Jennifer Ann Cowart, 31, both of Crossville.

Oct. 17

Austin Duane Parker, 20, to Courtney Brooke Fish, 21, both of Crossville.

Nathaniel Wayne Benton, 23, to Michele Annemarie Harness, 24, both of Crossville.

Rodney Dewayne Swallows, 33, to Kara Alicia Massengale, 34, both of Crossville.

Oct. 18

Walter Jude Creston, 60, to Lisa Jo Papoi, 67, both of Crossville.

John Robert Lansford, 38, to Jennifer Ann Stephens, 35, both of Crossville.

Christopher Neal Staehler, 38, to Brittany Suzanne Staehler, 35, both of Crossville.

Oct. 21

David Michael Shannon, 73, to Deborah Louise Kerley, 65, both of Crossville.

Oct. 24

Ian Forrest Price, 39, to Bethanie Rae Hampton, 34, both of Crossville.

Oct. 25

Roger James Pelfrey, 49, to Peggy Ann Warriner, 47, both of Clarkrange.

Jason Scott Beaty, 45, of Monterey, to Lindsey Michelle Hunsucker, 32, of Crossville.

Robert Aguilar Garay III, 37, to Oregon City, OR, to Melissa Margaret Wike, 43, of Milwaukie, OR.

James David Brooks, 28, of Crossville, to Erin Lynn Goodwin, 27, of Cleveland.

Oct. 28

Justin Edgar Shipe, 21, to Courtney Sue Goodwin, 22, both of Crossville.

Kenneth R. Keim, 24, of Georgetown, OH, to Geneva Fern Chupp, 20, of Monterey.

Justin Sean Peak, 27, to Lauren Whitney Whitehead, 28, both of Crossville.

Oct. 30

Marion Donald Lawson III, 33, to Ashley Leighann Sage Rose, 30, both of Crossville.

Oct. 31

John Joseph Thompson, 47, to Linda Gail Pryor, 49, both of Crossville.

Joshua Marc Hudson, 31, to Jayne Rose Welpe, 31 both of Maryville.

Nov. 1

Dale James Litney, 75, to Sudeane Holmes, 70, both of Crossville.

Tony Lee Baxter, 45, to Autumn Joy Hardcastle, 43, both of Crossville.

Charles Russell Davis Jr., 30, to Holly Rose Woods, 31, both of Crossville.

Nov. 4

Brenton Eric Cunningham, 23, of Sparta, to Samantha Eleanor Smith, 20, of Crossville.

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