Oct. 4

Jerry Blake Anthony, 50, to Sheri Lee Giargiari, 53, both of Crossville.

Matthew Lewis Poynter, 32, to Amanda Gayle Flowers, 31, both of Crossville.

Boran Theodore Dickson, 24, of United Kingdom, to Allisa Dellaney Flatt, 26, of Sparta.

Cedric Jordan Grooms, 38, to Mariah Yvette Bowen, 33, both of Crossville.

Posey Edward Wilson, 33, to Hannah Lenora Clouse, 24, both of Crossville.

Oct. 7

Calvin Lee Moses, 29, to Leah Maria Young, 22, both of Crossville.

Scott Emerson Taylor, 55, to Alecia Bo Grant, 36, both of Crossville.

David Ray Phillips, 54, to Caleen Maria Hoyt, 56, both of Crossville.

Jonathan Parker Doran, 30, to Sarah Rose Fletcher, 34, both of Crossville.

Oct. 8

Benjamin James Davis, 45, to Rebecca Lynn Phillips, 41, both of Crossville.

Davis Earl Harp, 53, to Melissa Ann Pryor, 50, both of Crossville.

Oct. 9

Travis Wiley Aytes, 24, to Antoinette Joy Baer, 26, both of Lancing.

Oct. 10

Ryan Alexander Wallace, 26, of Rockwood, to Megan Leanne Qualls, 21, of Crossville.

Samuel Ellis Hennessee, 23, to Kelsie Marie Davis, 21, both of Crossville.

Oct. 11

David Wayne Ledbetter Jr., 23, to Stormy Dean Borgialli, 22, both of Monterey.

Christopher Michael Lowe, 39, of Manchester, to Bethany Shawn Nelson, 38, of Crossville.

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