March 13

Imael Gonzalez, 23, to Thelma Judit Medina, 21, both of Crossville.

Paul Arthur Ganzer, 37, to Stacey Dawn Clark, 32, both of Crossville.

William Mark Findley, 55, to Mary Linda Foust, 53, both of Crossville.

March 14

John Country Drescher, 25, to Barbara Sharon Horst, 22, both of Monterey.

William Mark Rutherford, 51, to Molly Jean Burke, 49, both of Crossville.

March 16

Mark Thomas Ashburn, 41, to Dawn Marie Reagan, 36, both of Crossville.

Roy Hurshel Brookhart, 72, of Crossville, to Fleta Maudean Norris, 76, of Kettering, OH.

Bradford Hamilton Darnell, 25, to Tabitha Cheryl Schult, 26, both of Crossville.

Johsua Damion Atkinson, 18, to Alisha Ann Christ, 20, both of Crossville.

William Keith Brown, 19, of Crossville, to Laci Storme Davis, 19, of Crab Orchard.

March 17

Joseph Joel Gibson, 28, to Kelly Rosan Wright, 21, both of Rockwood.

Eugene Paul Marinski Jr., 26, of Crossville, to Julie Denise Hankins, 25, of Spring City.

Avery Wingert Chilson, 82, of Crossville, to Beulah May Lloyd, 80, of Corbin, KY.

Brad Allen Mono, 24, to Shelene Marie McCourt, 37, both of Seneca, SC.

Christopher Shawn Adkisson, 20, to Amanda Nicole Cope, 18, both of Crossville.

Trey Howard Crabtree, 20, to Jacklyn Chelsea Cahill, 17, both of Crossville.

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