PublishAmerica is proud to present Native Dreams by Melinda Elmore of Crossville.

Precious Hawk is viciously taken from her people and forced to live in the white world, causing inner turmoil. Many years later, Cloud Feather, a perfect stranger, arrives to work on her husband’s ranch. Experience the “awe” when Cloud Feather rescues his beloved Precious Hawk, who has come to him in many of his dreams. His heart is to return Precious Hawk to her ancestral lands where she rightly belongs.

On the run, the daring couple nearly lose their lives. Cloud Feather is gravely wounded. He is taken to his village in hope that Red Wing, their medicine man, can save his life. All the while, Precious Hawk is with child, Cloud Feather’s child.

But Precious Hawk knows the evilness of John Altan. Will he ever leave her alone? No, not until he is dead.

The Great Spirit joins their love, faith keeps their minds hopeful, and their spiritual guides deliver guidance.

Melinda Elmore is a writer, a wife, and the mother of two. Native Dreams reveals the turbulent times of the 1800s and the hardships of Native Americans.

Elmore is a freelance writer for the Navajo/Hopi Observer in Flagstaff, AZ.

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