Plateau Chapter #297 Korean War Veterans Association will hold its Christmas luncheon at the Legends dining room in Fairfield Glade Dec. 18 at noon. 

Various guests, instrumental in the organization’s operation during the year, have been invited to share their activities. Moses Hahn, assistant pastor of the Fairfield Glade United Methodist Church, will be the featured speaker. Hahn is an outstanding patriot of South Korea and the United States, who will share his story of how he got to the U.S. and how he learned to appreciate our freedoms and the bravery that so many of GI's performed during the conflict.

Menu choices for this luncheon are chicken or beef plates for $17.50 per plate, which includes tax and tip. Reservations should be made by contacting Jim Morris, 484-5360, or Pete Staab, 210-6781. Guests, family or friends, are always welcome at this event and require your payment upfront.

This event is also a favorable time to get your 2019 KWVA dues out of the way — $25 paid to Treasurer Pete Staab.

The mission of the Korean War Vets Chapter is to, “Defend our nation, care for our veterans, perpetuate our legacy, remember our missing and fallen, maintain our memorial and support a free Korea.”