Patrick Cash (far right), the former executive director of Hospice of Cumberland County, is pictured with Mara Dixon, accounts; Melinda Brown, volunteer coordinator; Dana Evans, director of nursing; and Ken Taylor, interim director.

Hospice of Cumberland County's executive director Patrick Cash has accepted a position with another firm and will be relocating to Mississippi. Hospice of Cumberland County is the only locally-run organization providing hospice care to Cumberland County's citizens for over 20 years. A philosophy of Hospice of Cumberland County is to provide support and care for persons with incurable disease so that they may live as fully and as comfortable as possible — with the vision to profoundly enhance the quality of life in its final stage.

Cash commented that he is leaving Hospice of Cumberland County with the knowledge that this agency has the most community, business and family support of any he has experienced and will miss the community support and interaction he has enjoyed for the past three years. Ken Taylor, the newly appointed interim director, commented that he is so impressed with the services he has observed.

"The quality of care and attention Hospice of Cumberland County's medical staff and volunteers provide our patients and families are absolutely premiere and I compliment their holistic approach," Taylor said. "I am very honored to be part of these services during such a valued time in our citizens lives."

For more information concerning hospice care or for presentation to groups, clubs, etc., contact the Hospice of Cumberland County at 484-4748 and speak with Melinda, Ken Dana or any of the volunteers working in the community.