Kevin Chamberlin, a 17-year-old junior at Cumberland County High School, about fell over when he heard his name called out as the winner of a brand new car from Dave Kirk Automotive. Chamberlin was swarmed by friends who dogpiled on top of him for almost a minute before he was able to clear his way through the crowd of students. Kevin was the latest winner in Dave Kirk's Key to Success program.

"I was thinking, 'holy cow!' I had no idea ... I was joking all day with my friends that I was going to win, but this is insane," Kevin Chamberlin said.

The Key to Success is an attendance program that awards one lucky junior or senior at Cumberland County High School a brand new 2006 car or truck. The program was developed by Dave Kirk, president of Dave Kirk Automotive, and Dr. Patricia Ragsdale, director of schools, in order to encourage attendance at the high school level.

"We can't teach the students unless they attend school. Attendance is the first critical step in the learning process," said Ragsdale.

Kirk and Ragsdale agreed that better attendance equaled more time in the classroom. Also, they selected attendance as the basis for the program because it is the one aspect of school that touches every student. Regardless of a student's curriculum, classification, grades, or extracurricular activities, he or she must go to school and must attend class.

"Dave Kirk Automotive has been a part of this community for over twenty years now, and we have been involved with the area schools in several different sponsorship roles. We have donated both money and time to assist with projects, trips and sports. The problem with this was that our efforts were only going towards select groups of kids that were involved in very specific activities. Dr. Ragsdale and I came up with the attendance-based car giveaway because it can impact every student during their time at the high school — regardless of their extracurricular activities or grade point average. If you are in school and making an effort, you can win a new car or truck," said Dave Kirk.

In order to participate in the Attendance is the Key to Success program, students must be juniors or seniors and enrolled as full-time students at Cumberland County High School. They must have a valid Tennessee driver's license. For each week of school that eligible students have perfect attendance, they earn one chance at winning a new car or truck.

The winner of the drawing, Kevin Chamberlin, was announced during a student assembly and drawing on May 18.

Chamberlin had his choice of a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt, a 2006 Chevrolet Colorado pickup, or a 2006 Pontiac G6 Coupe from Dave Kirk Automotive.

Chamberlin without hesitation chose the bright red Pontiac G6 Coupe with a list price of $22,734. His name was chosen out of a total of more than 13,000 entries.

Chamberlin is the son of Kim and Rebecca Chamberlin of Crossville.

"I was outside mowing the lawn and he called and said 'Mom, I won! I won the car,' I couldn't believe it. I got up here as quick as I could," Kevin's mom said.

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