Glean on me

Brenda Baird, Amber Brubaker, Cindy Caylor, Sean Driscoll, Adeline Sherrill and Kim McCoy of East Tennessee Gleaners Co-op set up shop at the 127 Sale, offering sweet treats, home canned goods, roasted corn, hotdogs and more to raise money for the organization. The East Tennessee Gleaners are about helping people help themselves. When a farm or distributor has leftover produce from a harvest or has produce they cannot otherwise sell, the gleaners are invited to come and partake for their needs and the needs of others based on a socially conscious waste not, want not philosophy. Not only does the organization have contacts with local food resources from which families may glean, but it also encourages and teaches food preservation and other viable life skills. For more information about the Gleaners, visit and like their Facebook page.