FFG Resident Services Painting.jpg

Artist Chuck Jensen, left, unveiled the Pat Summitt portrait, a gift from Fairfield Glade Resident Services to the Pat Summitt Foundation, represented by Andrew Waller and Patrick Wade, director.

A dramatic portrait of Pat Summitt, painted by Chuck Jensen, was presented to the Pat Summitt Foundation by Fairfield Glade Resident Services at its Community Information Event on memory care.

Jensen’s painting depicts a strong, deliberate, decisive Pat Summitt in characteristic shades of the color orange. The painting, originally purchased anonymously, was donated to the Fairfield Glade Resident Services to be gifted to the Pat Summitt Foundation, with full-copyright capabilities to be used by the foundation for fund-raising purposes.

Jensen is a member of the CATS Gallery in the Crossville Mall, where more of his works are exhibited. Jensen is scheduled to do a free performance painting at the Palace Theatre, Crossville, Tuesday, Aug. 5, beginning at 6 p.m. during the Cats at the Palace event, after which the new painting will be auctioned at approximately 7:30 p.m.