Ernesto Aguinogo has been on a tourist visa for the past nine months. His base of operations has been the Fairfield Glade United Methodist Church. His mission has been to serve the Hispanic population that has located to our community. A tourist visa will only last for nine months, so Aguinogo must return to Guadalajara, Mexico.

There are approximately 800 Mexicans living in Cumberland County with 150 children attending our elementary schools. Monterey, TN, has over 1,000 and there are many more in Cookeville. These people have religious needs that require attention and Aguinogo has been working with the help of the Methodist churches to carryout this service.

The Cookeville District of the Methodist Church is the only district in Tennessee that has multiple Mexican churches. One is located in Cookeville and the other is in Monterey. Aguinogo's mission has been to help these people adjust to their new surroundings. He helps with translation, legal matters, and home Bible studies. He has also been teaching two Spanish classes at the Fairfield Glade United Methodist Church. Pastor Max Mayo from FFG Methodist said, "His total commitment to Christian ministry has made those around him want to be better. He will truly be missed."

Aguinogo had a very good career as a certified public accountant. He gave it up to come and serve the people from his country for no income.

He returns to Guadalajara to become the director of development for a children's orphanage. The Cookeville Methodist District will continue to assist him by sending aide and missionaries to help him with his new challenge. The Cookeville District is currently searching for someone to take his place in Cumberland County.

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