Edu-Tellers Betty and Mike Roe

Come enjoy the true entertaining art of storytelling with Betty and Mike Roe as part of the "Bring-Your-Own” Brown-Bag Lunch Program on Sept. 27 at noon in the Cumberland Meeting Room of the Art Circle Library.

The Edu-Tellers do storytelling concerts and workshops for schools, libraries, as well as for professional and social organizations. Betty and Mike’s joint performances have included ones at the International Reading Association (IRA) Annual Conventions, the SE Regional IRA Conferences, the Tennessee Reading Association (TRA) Conferences, the Tennessee Tech Council of IRA Conferences, and the Tennessee Mountain Writers (TMW) Annual Conferences, Palace Theatre at the Crossville Annual Storytelling Festival, as well as schools, libraries, senior centers, and churches.

They have performed across the US and in Canada. Mike and Betty tell individually as well as in tandem for various programs.


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