The organizers of the July 4 rally and parade at the Cumberland County courthouse have announced that a two-hour DVD is available for those who would like to view or review this very patriotic event that featured veterans, dignitaries, singers, musicians, flag and medal ceremonies and other special offerings.

All who attended the pro-troop rally left with a great feeling of pride and patriotism toward this great nation and the countless thousands who fought in several wars to defend and preserve the freedoms we enjoy today. Several organizations were represented, including the Cumberland County Band, the Daughters of the American Revolution, several Veterans groups, National Guard, Young Marines, Junior ROTC, Order of Confederate Roses, Rolling Thunder Chapter 2, American Red Cross and many local and area dignitaries. Several survivors of our military in Iraq were presented medals on behalf of fallen loved ones.

The program includes highlights of this day and is available for only $11. Those interested in obtaining a DVD of the event are asked to contact Debbie at 248-1562.

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