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Library Laugh I

What do we call a row of rabbits hopping away? A receding hair line.



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What is kiwifruit good for? Kiwifruits can legitimately be called a super fruit. This fuzzy brown powerhouse with bright green flesh contains vitamins A, K, E, and B, potassium, folate, and fiber. The health benefits kiwifruits provide translate into protection against heart disease and stroke, potential relief from asthma and irritable bowel syndrome, and support for pregnant mothers and their fetuses.


Stingy Schobel Says

A lot of homeowners have no idea how old their windows are and when or if they should be replaced with more energy-efficient ones. There are obvious signs -- drafts, cracks and light streaming through the edges -- that all make for strong reasons to invest in new windows. But if you have single-pane glass windows, they definitely need to be replaced. Single-pane glass offers virtually no insulation, which makes it very inefficient and can drive your heating and cooling costs way up. Replacing those with double- or triple-pane windows will have a major impact on your bills and make the investment worth it in the long run.

Smartphones have integrated rechargeable batteries that, over time, can lose their ability to hold a full charge and eventually need to be replaced. To extend the life of your phone’s battery, there are a few simple things you can do. First, remove the phone case if your phone gets hot when it charges. Some cases retain excess heat, which can affect battery capacity. Check the brightness level; the less “bright” your screen is, the less energy it uses. You can opt for “auto brightness,” which automatically adjusts your phone screen’s brightness according to the amount of light sensed by its camera.


Library Laugh II

What does a frog wear to work? A jumpsuit.


Great New Books

Every Day Is A Gift by Tammy Duckworth. Sen. Duckworth’s memoir is a compelling and engrossing narrative that invites readers into her fascinating life. She begins by delving into her family history and her experience growing up as a biracial child in Thailand, and shares memories of the political turmoil she witnessed there. Next, she uncovers the challenges her family faced when they moved to Hawaii in her teenage years. Much of the book explores Duckworth’s military career, dedication to serving her adopted home country, and recovery from the injuries she sustained when her Black Hawk helicopter was shot down in Iraq in 2014. She also engagingly explores her political career, including serving in the Illinois House of Representatives and being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2017. Written with a consistently compassionate and honest voice, this book will appeal to a variety of people. Duckworth writes with the aim of sharing her authentic self, and she succeeds. This is one of the most approachable and inspiring political memoirs to date.

The Women of Chateau Lafayette by Stephanie Dray. Most castles are defended by heroic men. The remote Château de Chavaniac, birthplace of the Marquis de Lafayette, is protected by women. Dray writes a multigenerational saga of three such defenders. During the widespread discontent and bloodbath of the French Revolution, unbearable decisions face Lafayette’s spirited, nobly born wife Adrienne. Amid the devastating carnage of World War I, visionary philanthropist Beatrice Astor Chanler, who determinedly rose from rags to riches, uses her wealth and influence to ease the plight of French soldiers and creates an orphanage. During World War II, Marthe, a teacher and sculptor who grew up in the chateau, bravely applies her art to saving Jewish children in Nazi-occupied France. Chavaniac, symbol of steadfastness, with its hidden tunnels, is a dramatic stage for resistance. Defiant, each of these inspiring women shelters children and changes the political landscape using resources unique to her. Love, strength, and wrenching loss spur each woman to examine what she can do in the face of horrible events. This book establishes a subdued, steady tension that never releases its grip.

Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia. Garcia’s debut novel tells two parallel stories of Latina immigrant families. While the stories intersect near the beginning and end of the book, the women’s experiences are as distinct as the cultures from which they come. At the story’s center is Jeanette, whose mother, Carmen, emigrated from Cuba, cutting off all ties with her family. The family is impacted by multigenerational trauma caused by war, revolution, and abuse, and Jeanette struggles with drug addiction. When her neighbor, Gloria, an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador, is detained by ICE, Jeanette briefly takes in her daughter, Ana, who is inadvertently left behind. In nonsequential chapters, we follow the struggles of Jeanette and her family, as well as Gloria and Ana’s harrowing experiences with the current U.S. immigration policies.


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