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Ashley Brock spoke to the 127 Seniors regarding the Diabetes Program at Crossville Medical Group.

The weekly meeting of the Senior Citizens of Cumberland County was called to order at 10:45 a.m. A prayer was offered by Bob Jones and the Pledge of Allegiance was also led by Bob Jones.  

Vice President Sheila Johnson called for members with January birthdays come forward and “Happy Birthday” was sung by all the members. This was followed by calling forward those with anniversaries in January and again “Happy Anniversary” was sung to them by the membership.  

Sunshine report was given by Sheila Johnson and she reported on Rose Ploss who is doing better now.  She also reported that Charlie Ferguson had fallen and is hospitalized in Nashville.  

President Jim Blalock announced that the kitchen workers will no longer be eating early and instead all will eat at the same time as he calls out the row numbers.  

Jokes were told by Leonard Hollender and Doug Locke. Arlene Simmons spoke briefly asking for more people to volunteer to be Bingo callers to help out when the regular caller is out sick or otherwise unavailable.  

President Blalock told the members about the ramp that was approved by the board. This ramp will facilitate people getting onto the stage and also allow those in wheelchairs or with walkers to access the stage. 

Peggy Clark then introduced the speaker for today’s meeting, Ashley Brock, who spoke to the membership regarding the Diabetes Program at Crossville Medical Group. She was assisted by Kelly Edwards who passed out pertinent information sheets about the program. 

Till next week, keep one another in your prayers and see you at the next meeting.

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