Humanities Tennessee and the Library will be hosting an online event with bestselling author J. T. Ellison on Thursday, Feb. 25, at 1 p.m. The event is part of a new online author speaker series in partnership with the Tennessee State Library and Archives. 

The event is free and will be streamed on Facebook Live via the pages of the Library and of, the literary website of Humanities Tennessee. 

Ellison is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than 25 novels. Ellison’s new book, Her Dark Lies: A Novel, will be published in March.


Great New Books

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need by Bill Gates. Gates makes detailed arguments for what it will take to bring our net carbon dioxide emissions to zero. He brings his perspective as a philanthropist (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), investor (Breakthrough Energy), and technologist to the problem of averting the social, economic, and health effects of global warming. He ends with chapters on what policies governments can implement to incentivize these technologies, and how citizens can be most effective in making change.

The Daughters of Kobani by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon. In 2014, northeastern Syria might have been the last place you would expect to find a revolution centered on women’s rights. And yet that year, an all-female militia faced off against ISIS in a little town few had ever heard of. The Islamic State by then had swept across vast swaths of the country, taking town after town and spreading terror as the civil war burned all around it. From that unlikely showdown in the town of Kobani emerged a fighting force that would wage war against ISIS across northern Syria as partner of the United States. In the process, these women would spread their own political vision, determined to make women’s equality a reality by fighting — house by house, street by street, town by town — the men who bought and sold women. 

Relentless by Mark Greaney. The first agent’s disappearance was a puzzle. The second was a mystery. The third was a conspiracy. When a missing American agent reappears in Venezuela, Court Gentry, the Gray Man, is dispatched to bring him in. But a team of assassins has other ideas. Court escapes with his life and a vital piece of information. Meanwhile, CIA agent Zoya Zakharova is in Berlin. Her mission: to infiltrate a private intelligence firm with some alarming connections. The closer she gets to answers, the less likely she is to get out alive. Court and Zoya are just two pieces on this international chessboard, and they’re about to discover one undeniable truth-sometimes capturing a king requires sacrificing some pawns.


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You know the drill: Exercise, eat a Mediterranean-style diet, get a good night’s sleep and tame your stress to optimize the health of your heart. Recent research suggests some unexpected ways to further protect your heart’s health. 

Take a hot bath daily. High temperatures cause the blood vessels to dilate, which lowers blood pressure. Plus, a hot bath helps with lowering stress, one of the four pillars of heart health. 

Just stretch. Mere stretching may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by improving blood flow, which in turn is believed to decrease stiffness and damage to the walls of your arteries. 

Filter your coffee. A recent study showed that those who drank filtered coffee were 15 percent less likely to die during the follow-up due to any cause, including heart disease. Why the difference? The study believes that unfiltered coffee retains high levels of oils that can raise cholesterol levels. 

Practice Tai Chi. Not only Tai Chi but anything that helps you find calm and boost your heart’s health while shutting out the world for a little bit such as baking, walking in nature, gardening, and knitting. This effect may be due to reducing harmful stress. 


Stingy Schobel Says

Did you know that fleas don’t like caffeine? It’s a chemical that many plants produce as a natural insecticide, which means your leftover coffee is an excellent beverage to use to bathe your pet. Just give them a normal bath and add leftover coffee. It’ll help de-flea your pet, and it will also deodorize them, since the nitrogen in coffee is effective at deodorizing their fur. When the bath is finished, just rinse as normal.


Library Laugh

Why should you never trust stairs? They’re always up to something.

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