Want to meet authors? 

Then the library’s Cumberland Meeting Room is the place to be from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Nov. 2.

Jolina Petersheim, a bestselling author of Christian fiction and Barbara Ebel, recently designated a bestselling author by USA Today, will be among the many authors available for discussions and book signings. 

What a great way to both meet the talent we have in abundance in Tennessee and purchase Christmas presents. See you there!

The library will be closing at 4 p.m. Nov. 5.

What’s Happening

Friday, Nov. 1 — Origami Group meeting, 1 p.m.

Saturday, Nov. 2 — Author Day 2019, sponsored by the Write-Away Writing Group and Art Circle Public Library, 10 a.m.

• Learn Chess with National Master Alan Kantour, 10 a.m.

• Beginning guitar class with Tom Fincher, 10 a.m.

• Intermediate guitar class with Tom Fincher

0:30 a.m.

• Advanced guitar class with Tom Fincher 11:30 a.m.

Monday, Nov. 4 — Holiday greeting card workshop, 9 a.m.

• Intermediate tai chi class, 2 p.m.

• Beginning tai chi class, 3 p.m.

Family Games, 4:30 p.m.

Tuesday, Nov. 5 — Library closes at 4 p.m.

• KidBits Storytime and Craft, Children’s Library Carousel, 10 a.m.

Wednesday, Nov. 6 — Ewe Can Knit Needle Workers Group meeting, 10 a.m.

• Stamp Collectors Group meeting, 11 a.m.

• The Fisherman’s Quartet concert, noon

Great New Books

Three Days at the Brink by Brett Baier. The third in a presidential trilogy by the Fox News host spotlights another telling moment of executive leadership — in Franklin D. Roosevelt's case, the decision, made in November 1943 to embark on an invasion of Normandy. By the time FDR forged his partnership with Churchill, Roosevelt was at the top of his game, a war president who had supreme confidence in his persuasive abilities. Meeting Stalin for the first time face to face had been a hard-won charm offensive, and agreeing to stay in the Soviet Embassy compound (knowing it was bugged) confounded the British even as it disarmed the Soviets. The campaign to hammer out the cross-channel invasion had begun.

The Night Fire by Michael Connelly. A fire that kills a homeless man and a cold case left to retired LAPD detective Harry Bosch by his recently deceased mentor bring current LAPD detective Renée Ballard and Harry back together for a roller-coaster crime-solving ride.

The Deserter by Nelson DeMille and Alex DeMille. Capt. Kyle Mercer of Delta Force has vanished from his post in Afghanistan, and a video reveals that he's been captured by the Taliban. But did he desert first? A second video suggests that he did, and when he is later spotted in Venezuela, Scott Brodie and Maggie Taylor of the Criminal Investigation Division are tasked with winging their way south to bring him back, whether handcuffed or in a body bag.

Trump vs. China by Newt Gingrich. Factoring in China’s size and human resources, the former Speaker of the House presents his case about why it poses the biggest threat to the United States. 

Agent Running in the Field by John Le Carre. Still capturing the zeitgeist in thriller mode, Le Carre takes us to 2018 London, where a lone-wolf 26-year-old is determined to avoid the political earthquakes defining these times. Alas, the harder he struggles to disengage, the more deeply and dangerously he becomes enmeshed.


Somehow, your account has been compromised and money is missing. At the risk of fearmongering, this isn’t as uncommon as you might think. 

Reduce the odds of becoming a victim of bank fraud with these tips: 

Use strong and unique passwords. Never use the same password for all your online activity.

Enable two-factor authentication. That means you not only need a password, but you receive a one-time code to your mobile phone to type in.

Install good anti-malware that is updated often and identify, quarantine, delete and report any suspicious activity.

Opt for fraud detection to be notified of unusual activity and review your bank statements.

Watch out for Wi-Fi hotspots in public places. You never know if your information is being tracked and logged. 

In addition, update your software automatically, back up regularly and lock your devices.

Stingy Schobel Says

Meals for the grandkids. Taking your grandchildren the next time you dine out won’t cost you extra at restaurants where kids eat for free. Go toWalletHacks.com/kids-eat-free for a   list of eateries. 

Legal services. Federally funded programs aimed at older people with a social or financial need provide advice on a wide range of legal issues. Go to ElderCare.acl.gov to find legal aid in your area

Library Laugh

Why didn’t the skeleton go to the Halloween party?

Because he had noBODY to dance with.

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