It ISN'T beginning to look a lot like Christmas... and that I don't like. What is up with this weather? As I am writing this column, the temperature is hovering around the mid 60s. Not bad if it is October but a few days before Christmas? There have been several times I have been out and about and completely forgot it was even the holiday season until I saw some decorations or heard a Christmas carol.

I don't mind if we get this warm weather the day after Christmas but between now and then, I sure would like to see some of the white stuff or at the very least some cooler temperatures.

My sister and I saw White Christmas at the Playhouse earlier this week and talk about art imitating life: a trainload of people, in the play, go to Vermont hoping for a white holiday and end up in balmy weather. It finally snows on Christmas and that is certainly what I am hoping for here. Doesn't have to be anything major... just a few snowflakes swirling around and colder temperatures to put me in the holiday spirit. Now, instead of reaching for hot chocolate, I feel like I need to be grabbing a Diet Coke and sunscreen!

By the way, White Christmas at CCP was phenomenal. Can you believe that I have gotten to be this age and have never seen the movie? I knew absolutely nothing about the storyline (and how I have missed this movie I will never know) when I sat down to watch the play. It was extremely well done with great vocal presentations, beautiful costumes and incredible sets. It ends its run this weekend and has been selling out every show. Matter of fact, Kim and I sat in the overflow section in folding chairs just so we could see it!

Speaking of the holiday, remember lots of people will be traveling over the next few days. If you are one of them, please remember to exercise caution. Wear your seat belts, watch out for other motorists, don't drink and drive and remember to listen for weather updates particularly if you are going to be traveling to areas that may be fortunate enough to have some of the white stuff!

I would also like to take this time to wish each of you a very happy holiday season and a wonderfully healthy and prosperous 2007!

Here comes Santa Claus...


I would like to say a special thanks to Keith and Darla Frazier and Greg and Kim Tabor for providing the sound equipment and door prizes for the annual TAD holiday party. We really appreciate it!

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