Are you a Hallmarkie? Just for clarification purposes, a Hallmarkie is someone who watches a host of Hallmark movies, particularly during the holiday season. I guess it is the seasonal version of “Trekkers,” the fans who watch the Star Trek movies. The amount of Hallmark movie watchers has grown so much since its inception ten years ago, that the Hallmark Channel was the number one watched channel during the holidays last year. This year is probably going to be just as good if not better for the channel.

Watching Hallmark movies has become so popular, there are a host of items such as mugs, blankets, socks, etc., that read, “These are my Hallmark Movie watching whatevers…”

This year the Countdown to Christmas movies began on Oct. 26 with “Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses” before Halloween! I told myself I could not, would not, watch a Hallmark movie prior to Halloween. Guess what? I did. I couldn’t wait. As of today, exactly 47 days before Christmas Day, and another 20 until Thanksgiving, I have watched five. Five! The only reason it is just five is because it is still football season. Otherwise, that number may have doubled or even tripled!

The Hallmark Channel has 24 new movies premiering this season among its 24-hour, seven days a week, holiday movie schedule. The one I am most excited to see is “Christmas at Dollywood”! It was filmed at Dollywood (a lot of Hallmark movies, I have learned, are filmed in Canada) and even features an appearance by one of Tennessee’s most famous artists… Dolly Parton! 

“Christmas at Dollywood” was written by Nina Weinman. It is a story about a Broadway producer who travels to Tennessee to save her holiday extravaganza. Danica McKellar and Niall Matter will star along with Dolly.  

There is a new installment this year of the Christmas at Graceland stories. The 2019 version is titled “Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays.” Unfortunately, Elvis won’t be making an appearance in it. It will air Saturday, Nov. 23.

Hallmark airs new movies each Saturday and Sunday night. As of today there are 20 new movies between now and Christmas Day and an extra new movie on Saturday, Dec. 28.

Some friends and I talked about the Hallmark Christmas movies and one of them said, “I just want to go visit one of the towns for Christmas.” 

They are always so nicely decorated with lots of holiday lights, cheer, music, festivals, plays and programs. And snow. There is always a lot of snow in the holiday movies: Christmas as we imagine it when we hear the song, “I am Dreaming of a White Christmas.”

Someone was teasing me recently about watching the Hallmark movies. “They are so predictable,” they said.

Guess what? That is one of the reasons I like them so much. There is always snow, couples always get together in the end, and when they are over, you just feel good! Check out the full list of holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel at

Hallmark isn’t the only channel with non-stop Christmas fare. Lifetime has dubbed this holiday offering It’s a Wonderful Lifetime. It will feature more than 1000 hours of, as Lifetime calls it, “Yuletide programming and new, festive movie premieres all day long.” Lifetime kicked off holiday movies one day before Hallmark on Oct. 25.

A Lifetime movie I want to see, but missed the premiere, features Marie Osmond and is called “The Road Home to Christmas.” This story centers around two piano musicians without a Christmas Eve gig. You can check out the full list of holiday movies at Happy viewing!


The Stone Memorial football squad makes a long trip this evening to Lewisburg, TN, to take on the Tigers of Marshall County High School in the opening round of TSSAA Class Four action. The Tigers are 8-2 on the season and narrowly defeated the Panthers during last season’s first round contest. You can hear the game live on Mix 99.3. Kickoff is at 7 p.m.


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