Can’t pass up a “garage sale” sign? Think “awwww” when you see a cute puppy? The Cumberland County Animal Shelter is the place and Saturday, July 30 is the time to combine those two instincts!   

Furniture (tables to TVs, dressers to lamps), assorted household items, and so much great “stuff” will be available for good prices and for a good cause. The proceeds will directly benefit the dogs and cats (and even a bird!) who reside at the shelter. This shelter receives all the animals picked up by Animal Control from both the county and the city. 

Why an Open House? To re-introduce the human residents of our county to the animal residents at the shelter.

Who are the shelter’s residents? Wiggling puppies, elderly cast-aside loyal companions, bouncing kittens, scared abandoned house pets, cats who never had a home, mistreated animals who still want a human touch – over a thousand each year.  The facility is “older” but the staff and the volunteers do their best to provide a “shelter,” however temporary, for these animals. 

Volunteers will escort you as you visit the shelter residents. Perhaps, you might find one with bewitching eyes or an extra fluffy tail who will fill your home and your heart will love. 

Refreshments will be available as you shop and tour. This is an opportunity to learn about your county shelter and, hopefully, to tell your friends where they can find a great pet. The shelter can be their first option when they consider adding a four-legged friend to their family.

Coming from Crossville on Hwy.127, the shelter sign is on the left about one mile past the corner of Miller and Main (Central Baptist corner). Balloons will be attached to the sign to make it more visible! Make that left and then another left on to East Lane Road.  Continue to the end of the road.

If you have questions or want information on volunteering or item donations, please email FCCA, Friends of Cumberland County Animals, is a group of volunteers who are trying to make a difference, one adopted pet at a time!

Plan on being at your Cumberland County Animal Shelter on July 30, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.! It will be well worth that “not quite a mile” drive down East Lane Road!

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