What is amateur radio?

That question has been asked many times. Most of the public does not know what amateur radio operators do besides just talk all over the world and to one another locally. Amateur radio operators, or “HAMS” as they are known, do much more than that. Public service is one of the most joyful and rewarding segments of the hobby, whether it be working with EMA during a crisis, assisting in a marathon race, or as the group will do on Nov. 6, be the major communications for the Veterans Day Parade in downtown Crossville. It is with honor the members do this to ensure a smooth parade and ensure that the veterans receive their due. The group will be assisting the Crossville PD in giving their communications and letting them know if a problem arises. 

There will be WWII veterans as guests of honor and those from Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan either participating or in the crowd. The amateur community is proud to serve the public in any manner they can. Come to the Veterans Day Parade and honor those who served and see 19 amateurs watching over the entrants and guests as they march downtown.

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