"The Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency is proud to assist in offering the opportunity for all residents to vote. Truly the nation needs to hear the voice of all citizens of the United States in these very difficult, troubled times," Phyllis Bennett, executive director of UCHRA, stated. "Many times lack of transportation and the price of gas are barriers to voters in this region. We are proud to be able to remove these two barriers."

"In the past we have had many calls placed across several days throughout the early voting period, creating scheduling difficulties through those two weeks," said Rebecca Harris, director of transportation, Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency (UCARTS). "For this election we are trying to get ahead of that curve with this program, which should give everyone more access."

This election season UCARTS is offering free rides for early voting on July 21 and again the following week on July 28 between 1-3 p.m. Reservations need to be made 48 hours in advance in order to save your seat due to expected high demand.

While many trips involve transportation to medical facilities for the disabled, many people may not realize that UCARTS is available as rural public transportation for all citizens of the Upper Cumberland. UCARTS operates in all 14 counties across the Upper Cumberland and is available to anyone at their regular low fees simply by calling 48 hours in advance.

UCARTS makes three daily trips to Nashville as well as other Tennessee cities depending on the area in which you live. Call 456-0691 for full details.

Their vote early ride free special, however, only applies to the special days of July 21 and July 28, with extra resources designated to fulfill demand.

Availability is limited, so please call as soon as possible to reserve your spot. Cumberland County UCARTS can be reached at 456-0691.

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