Visiting her grandparents Marcia and Hank Gilman in Fairfield Glade, Kate Gilman Williams is a published author at just 9 years old and makes a gift of her children’s book to DJ and Donna Garrison at the Druid Hills Back to School Family Pool Party Aug. 1.

On a visit with her grandparents, Marcia and Hank Gilman, Kate Gilman Williams attended the Druid Hills Back to School Family Pool Party on Aug. 1, where she presented "Let’s Go on Safari", a book she co-authored, to DJ and Donna Garrison. Williams may only be 9 years old, but she has already accomplished so much. The lesson here is that age does not defer a mission, measure a passion or determine success. 

When Williams, from Austin, TX, was just 8, she went to South Africa. While there, she enjoyed the experience of an African safari in which guide Michelle Campbell taught her about wildlife, their habitats, their ecosystems and their behaviors. She also taught Williams about endangered animals, what causes endangerment and what humans can do to help now.

Campbell was born in South Africa and attended school in the United Kingdom. She returned to South Africa and worked as a safari guide and volunteering for wildlife conservation projects. Campbell is working on conservation projects of her own and continues to be an advocate for endangered wildlife through education and awareness. Her conservation efforts and adventures can be found at wildwonderfulworld.com

Upon returning home, Williams was inspired. She decided to help by writing about her experiences and newly acquired knowledge to benefit animal protection and welfare organizations, while hoping to inspire young readers, as she was, to advocate for wildlife conservation.

Co-written by Campbell, "Let’s Go on Safari" is a scrapbook-style publication outlining their safari adventure and also offers factual information about endangered wildlife and resources. 

When the book was finished, the co-authors were challenged with finding a way to distribute their work. Williams secured a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest to talk about her book, mentioning ever so lightly that all she had to do is find a publisher. 

Williams said because someone was listening, she gained a publisher and a book contract three weeks after her interview with Seacrest. 

As well as numerous book signing engagements, Williams appeared on Kelly and Ryan LIVE! on June 14 to talk about her book and was a featured story on ABC’s #BeKind campaign news series.

"Let’s Go on Safari"! is available wherever books are sold.