Glade Sun editor Rebekah Beeler is the guest speaker for the Write Touch Inspirational Writers at their monthly meeting on Aug. 23.

The Write Touch Inspirational Writers members enjoyed a morning with Rebekah Beeler, the editor of the Glade Sun. 

Beeler was the guest speaker and, as writers, they appreciated her writing tips. 

Writers have to write, and it may not be sitting at a desk, but thoughts streaming through their heads as they wash dishes or drive a car. 

The writers group was reminded to have a notebook han-

dy or some way to put down

their thoughts, as they are easily lost.

Beeler discussed research, authenticity and the importance of letting the audience see, hear and feel what they write. 

How the group members became authors in their retirement years was an informative discussion. 

Many Write Touch Inspirational Writers members are publish-

ed authors of books, plays and songs.   

Inspirational Writers meet on the fourth Monday of every month at Mountaineer Realty in the Peaks of Hope room. 

Interested writers are welcome. 

The next meeting is Sept. 27, and Ruth Berkes, co-founder of the writers group, will be attending and sharing her writing experiences since she moved.  

For more information, email or call Jan at 615-428-2052.

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