The Women’s 18-Hole League played our year-ending championship on Tuesday, Sept. 30, and Tuesday, Oct. 7. Both days blessed us with beautiful autumn weather and even those of us who didn’t play our best will admit that it was wonderful to just be out on the courses – the Brae and Dorchester.

Janet Kilar was the chairperson for this year’s championship and she and her committee did an outstanding job putting everything together. Thanks, Janet.

This year’s league champions were Jo Ann Faulds, who captured the low gross title with a two-day total of 163, and Julie Kratt, whose two-day net total of 130 gave her the low net award.

Flight A low gross winners were Marty Wennermark, first place with a score of 167; Connie Fusco, second place with a 169; and Trish Rosenbergh, third place with a score of 171. Low net winners were Dale McCunn, first place, 135; Mary Runfeldt, second place, 137; and Kathy O’Leary, third place, 140.

Flight B low gross winners were Jeani Miller, first place, 177; Barb Northam, second place, 182; and Sharon Ellis, third place, 185. Low net winners were Anna Stark, first place, 130; Judy Olsen, second place, 141; and Susan Summers, third place, 143. Flight C low gross winners were Molly Hartman, first place, 192; Pearl Verba, second place, 194; and Eleanor Meek, third place, 196. Low net winners were Janet Kilar, first place, 138; Jacque Vallem, second place, 141; and Sandy Fraser, third place, 143.

Flight D low gross winners were Dawn Robb, first place, 200; Jo Swilling, second place, 202; and Jackie Korte, third place, 208. Low net winners were Bonnie Herman, first place, 137; Beth Kreis, second place, 140; and Sadny Behlau, third place, 145.

Sept. 30’s round on the Brae included a closest-to-the-pin contest. The winners were Flight A, Trish Rosenbergh; Flight B, Charlene Held; Flight C, Molly Hartman; and Flight D, Mina Napierala.

A closet-to-the-line contest was held on Dorchester on Oct. 8 and the winners were Flight A, Kathy Allard; Flight B, Susan Summers; Flight C, Julie Krat; and Flight D, Mary Eva Demet.

Both days of play were injected with an extra bit of fun with the inclusion of the dubious, though I’m sure coveted, Tin Cup Awards! These awards were given for such accomplishments as being in the woods, being in the water, being in the sand, and making 3-putts. The winners on Sept. 30 were Mary Eva Demet, Barb Alexander, Mary Manley, Eleanor Meek and Beth Kreis. Proud recipients on Oct. 7 were Judy Olsen, Sherry Stanley, Carol Chase, Anna Stark and Merrily Klug.

Play on Oct. 7 was followed by wine and cheese and a luncheon on the veranda at Heatherhurst. Awards for the championship were presented, as were the annual year-end awards. Molly Hartman gave us some interesting statistics regarding this season’s play. This year’s league was composed of 145 members and an average of 75 of them played each week of the season. We played a total of 1,654 rounds during regular season play, and we made 599 birdies and had 366 chip-ins! End-of-season awards were given as follows:

Capturing most improved golfer awards in order by amount of improvement were: Flight D, Judy Reintsema, 8.5 points; Flight E, Janice Bond, 5.4 points; Flight A, Kathy O’Leary, 4.9 points; Flight B, Katy Stephens, 4.1 points; and Flight C, Janet Woodard, 1.2 points.

Low gross winners for the year were: Flight A, Jean Roise, average gross score of 75; Flight B, Susan Spencer, average of 90.9; Flight C, Shirley McMinn, average of 98.1; Flight D, Catherine Falconer, average of 104.2; and Flight E, Beth Kreis, with an average of 108.7.

Low net winners this season were: Flight A, Mary Rundfeldt, average net score of 68.8; Flight B, Mary Beth Stiglin, average of 70.1; Flight C, Alice Swift and Connie Peterson, with average net scores of 71.7; Flight D, Mina Napierala, average of 72; and Flight E, Ernie Frye, average of 72.2.

We had one hole-in-one this year, and that was made by Alice Swift on hole #12 on the Crag on Aug. 12.

Also, this year, we had only one eagle, scored by Jean Roise on hole #12 on Dorchester on June 24. Jean shot an even par 72 that day!

Awards for the most birdies this year went to Flight A, Jean Roise, 32 birdies; Flight B, Dale McCunn, 10 birdies; Flight C, Pearl Verba, 8 birdies; Flight D, Deni Selvig and Jacque Vallem each had 4 birdies; and in Flight E, Ernie Frye, Sheryl Reeser, Helen Frick, Gloria Lusk, Karen Sloboda, and JoAnne Casada each had one birdie.

Claiming the most chip-ins for the year were Flight A, Marty King, 7; Flight B, Susan Spencer, 6; Flight C, Janet Woodard, 5; Flight D, Sharon Leff, 5; and in Flight E, Bonnie Herman, Beth Kreis, and Sue Godfrey each had 3 chip-ins.

And, in the “if the golf course is open, I’ll be there” category, Deni Selvig was given an award for perfect attendance this season.

What a great year we had! Thanks to all of our members for the wonderful times. And thanks to all of the pros and the staff of our beautiful golf courses. We look forward to seeing everyone next year!