The Fairfield Glade Community Club (the Club) exists for one purpose: to protect and grow member and club assets for the benefit of the membership. 

Our club’s bylaws authorize the board of directors to put in place policies to achieve this goal. 

In turn, the policies are implemented by administrative staff. 

These three groups are like a three-legged stool, with the membership, the board of directors and the staff each providing support to achieve our Club’s vision: “Fairfield Glade will continue to be a growing resort/retirement community, and one of the best-value master-planned communities in the U.S.” 

Let’s take a look at the responsibilities of these important groups.

Member responsibilities include, among others, adhering to Club policies, being involved in the community, and supporting efforts to improve our community. 

For example, in exchange for the advantages of living in a POA, members are responsible for maintaining their properties in accordance with community standards and keeping dues current. 

Being involved in the community might mean volunteering to serve on a committee, like Property Standards. This service is one way to learn more about how our Club operates. 

Being involved might also mean joining one of the many organized groups, like the Hiking Club or the Ladies Club. 

Because we own property here, we share ownership of the common areas and the assets of the Club. Each of us benefits from our community’s growth and improvement.

The board of directors, who are Club members in good standing and elected by the membership, are responsible for maintaining Club assets and overseeing the budget. 

They are responsible for ensuring enforcement of the policies and governing documents, while being fair and transparent with the membership. The board of directors must ensure policies improve the community for the benefit of all.

The administrative staff is responsible to ensure the Club operates smoothly while following our Club’s governing documents and the laws of Tennessee. 

Staff must be fair, responsive and responsible to the membership in implementing policies put in place by the board of directors, while supporting, improving, and helping the Members and the Board of Directors improve the community.

The members, the board, and the staff form a very effective three-legged stool, one that provides support to our Club’s social, economic, and development sustainability. 

The stool metaphor reinforces the idea that if part of that support is missing or ineffective, the stool can’t function. 

Our three groups, working together, are necessary for us to enjoy a high quality of life. 

Visit www.fairfieldgladeresort.com to learn more. 

Our governing documents can be found under Member Login > Admin > Governing Documents.

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