Pardon the pun, but unattended dog waste is a "pet peeve" of many of our Fairfield Glade residents. It is "the elephant in the room" that everyone notices, but no one wants to talk about. 

Left unattended, dog waste is ugly, smelly, and unsightly — but even worse, it poses a health risk to people, pets and our local bodies of water. The majority of dog owners in Fairfield Glade are good neighbors and responsible pet owners who conscientiously pick up their pet's waste along sidewalks, walking paths and their neighbor's yard. 

But what about dog waste left in other areas? Do you pick up your dog's waste deposited along our hiking trails, roadside ditches, golf course areas and undeveloped lots?

Left behind in these areas, surface runoff will wash the waste into our ditches and stormwater systems where it will eventually travel untreated into our local streams and lakes. Like human waste, animal waste contains harmful bacteria and viruses, making the receiving water unfit for drinking and recreation.

Unattended pet waste is harmful to your health, as well as the health of your family, your neighbors and visitors to our community. Pet waste often carries bacterial worms and other parasites that can be transmitted to humans who come into contact with it or the infected soil while golfing, gardening or walking along our neighborhood streets, wooded hiking trails or golf course areas. 

Pet waste shouldn't be a problem here in Fairfield Glade — but it is. If you take Fido out in public, whether it be for a quick walk around the neighborhood, an evening run out on the golf course, a hike along one of our beautiful trails or to visit a festival or event in The Square, please be prepared and clean up after him. 

And that clean-up should include deposits left in undeveloped lots, grassy or wooded public areas, and roadside ditches - as well as along established sidewalks, golf courses and neighboring properties. It's the responsible thing to do!