My husband has a difficult time with my whereabouts on those days when the weather is conducive to gardening. A quick peek out the front door may not be enough to locate me if I am over the embankment that stretches across our front yard; a glance from our deck may not be enough if I am on the south side of our house, and lifting the garage door may present a "bigger picture," but it may not increase his chances of locating me. 

A love of the out-of-doors calls to me especially on those warm days that beckon me to come outside. I have often said that I prefer being outside to being inside. It must be that 1/16 or less of Native American blood that courses through my veins. It has been said that Princess Hononegah, who married Stephen Mack, would often leave their home and go to spend the night with her family. Whether it was the outdoors tugging at her sleeve or the love of family that drew her away from the home she shared with her husband is open for discussion, but I can very well understand the lure of nature's wonders and beauty that she found difficult to resist.

Look around you. Ma Nature is putting on a show. I often feel that we live in an arboretum with all the many plant life specimens on display. There are so many blossoms and so little time to enjoy one specimen before another sends forth fragrances that no perfume can equal; or flowers that canvases cannot duplicate, though many have tried. Consider for a moment the lilac or lily-of-the-valley, an iris or daffodil.

This Easter season has a special meaning for me. It will serve as a milestone in my life. May your Easter be an extra special one for you this year. Pray for me. Pray for us. You are ever in our thoughts and prayers. Happy Easter.

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