Stocking the lakes in Fairfield Glade is an ongoing, annual process. In March almost 2,500 (14-inch) rainbow trout were released into Dartmoor, Glastowbury, Canterbury and Kirkstone lakes. These rainbows do not spawn naturally in the lakes. Thus, the annual restocking is necessary.

Since the March "scatter planting" of the rainbow trout, more than 12,000 fish and nearly 90,000 minnows have also been introduced into the lakes. The list includes 9,230 shellcrackers, 2,600 bluegills, 154 largemouth bass and 135 white amur. The shellcrackers varied in size from 2-5 inches; the bluegills were 5-inch, the bass were10-inch and the amur were 14-inch. The minnows were minnows.

This "fish story" is a Lakes Update, provided for you by the lakes committee. The committee meets at the Multi Purpose Building on the first Monday of every month at 3 p.m.

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