Arthur Conan Doyle, aka Anna Stark, assisted Dr. Sigmund Freud in the interrogation of suspects of the Murder in the Mansion. Anna played the part to the hilt and was laughing so hard she was crying! Just another day at the office — right?

Then, Dale McCunn, sorry Ron, was betrothed to her sweetheart; next, Fran Kinnunen and Barbara MacLeod were temperance women leading the charge against the evils of drink — can you believe that? Karen Toomey, aka Annie Oakley, was dressed to the hilt, leather fringed jacket and side arm to boot. Katy Stephens, as Wyatt Earp, stepped up to protect the temperance gals. We don't even want to mention the choir ladies. Needless to say, "Amazing Grace" never sounded so good.

The Falcon Manor (soon to be called Falcon Rest) is located just outside of McMinnville about an hour from Fairfield Glade and is well worth the time on the road. The mansion has been totally refurbished by the owners, the food is absolutely delicious, the gift shop is unique and the participation "Murder Mystery" is absolutely great fun. Anyone who makes this trip is bound to have a great time.

This was the last trip for the Chicks with Sticks before their golf season starts and they are particularly happy they chose the Falcon Manor: great food, great friends, great times and better memories. See you on the next outing in the fall.

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